Fakulta managementuUniverzita Komenského v Bratislave


Winter COURSES start at September 2023

Name of Course in English (German or French) Code of Course ECTS Degree
Business Analytics and Decision Making FM.KIS/281AM/21 6 Master Winter
Business Ethics FM.KMn/051AM/21 6 Master Winter
Business Law FM.KIS/036AB/21 5 Bachelor Winter
Business negotiations I (FR) - Négociations d'affaires FM.KMM/180B/21 5 Bachelor Winter
Cloud Computing FM.KIS/312AM/21 6 Master Winter
Computer Science (EN) FM.KIS/076AB/16  5 Bachelor Winter
Computer Science (FL) - Informatique pour les manageurs FM.KIS/076B/11 5 Bachelor Winter
Corporate Valuation I FM.KEF/229AM/16  3 Master Winter
Databases FM.KIS/003AB/16  5 Bachelor Winter
Development of Entrepreneurial Skills I FM.KSP/052AB/21 5 Bachelor Winter
E-Business and E-Marketing FM.KIS/010AM/16 6 Master Winter
English for Managers I FM.KEF/006AB/16  2 Bachelor Winter
European Business Law (FL) - Droit des Affaires Européen FM.KMM/316M/21 6 Master Winter
European Integration (FL) - Intégration Européenne FM.KMM/278M/21 3 Master Winter
European Integration-Winter (EN) FM.KEF/193AJM/12  6 Master Winter
Financial Accounting - NEW FM.KEF/033AM/16 6 Master Winter
Financial Management FM.KEF/275AM/21 7 Master Winter
Financial Mathematics FM.KKM/222AB/16  5 Bachelor Winter
Innovation Management FM.KSP/011AM/21 6 Master Winter
International Economic Relations FM.KEF/246AB/16 5 Bachelor Winter
International Financial Reporting Standards FM.KEF/227AB/17 3 Bachelor Winter
International Marketing - Winter FM.KMk/030AM/16  6 Master Winter
Introduction to Entrepreneurship FM.KSP/023AB/16  5 Bachelor Winter
Introduction to Personnel Management FM.KMn/062AB/16 5 Bachelor Winter
Investment Analysis - Winter - not guaranteed FM.KKM/053AM/16  6 Master Winter
Macroeconomics FM.KEF/272AB/22 5 Bachelor Winter
Management I FM.KMn/075AB/21 5 Bachelor Winter
Management of Start-ups and Small Firms FM.KSP/060AB/18  5 Bachelor Winter
Managerial Economics FM.KSP/061AB/16  3 Bachelor Winter
Marketing - Winter FM.KMk/102AB/16  5 Bachelor Winter
Marketing Analytics and Data Visualisation  FM.KMk/089AM/22 6 Master Winter
Marketing Applications FM.KMk/043AM/17 3 Master Winter
Marketing Management FM.KMk/084AM/21 7 Master Winter
Marketing Research - Winter FM.KMk/029AM/16  6 Master Winter
Mathematics I  FM.KEF/071AB/21 5 Bachelor Winter
Money and Banking  FM.KEF/098AB/17  3 Bachelor Winter
Organizational Behavior FM.KMn/040AM/21 7 Master Winter
Organizational Cultures - European Features - Winter FM.KMn/038AM/21  6 Master Winter
Practical Financial Markets I FM.KEF/192AM/17  6 Master Winter
Principles of Financial Accounting II FM.KEF/221AB/16  5 Bachelor Winter
Project Management - Advanced FM.KIS/276AM/21 7 Master Winter
Risk Management I FM.KSP/049AM/16  3 Master Winter
Statistics FM.KEF/116AB/16  5 Bachelor Winter
Strategic Management FM.KSP/100AM/21 7 Master Winter
Value Based Management and Entrepreneurial Risks at SME´s FM.KSP/046AM/17 6 Master Winter
Western and Japanese Approach to Personnel Management FM.KMn/082AB/21 3 Bachelor Winter