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Post Graduate Study (PhD.)

Post Graduate Study (PhD.)

Important dates and information for applicants:

Application deadline: 1. August, 2023
Admission exams: end of August, 2023

In the Academic year 2023/2024 the annual tuition fee for Postgraduate study programme in English is 3 290,00€ (part-time students) or 10 500,00 € for full-time students.

The criteria and information for the admission procedure for the academic year 2022/2023 are available HERE

Topics for the PhD admission procedure for the academic year 2022/2023

The List of the topics of dissertation is available HERE

More information about PhD STUDY

e-Application and Guide to Study at University–ePrihlas Portal

In the Academic year 2022/2023 the annual tuition fee for Postgraduate study programme in English is 3 290,00€ (part-time students) or 10 500,00 € for full-time students.

PhD study in the Slovak Republic is the highest level of university study. It offers to obtain profound theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for independent scientific research and creative implementation in the reality.
PhD study in the Slovak Republic is directed by virtue of § 54 of the Higher Education Act No. 131/2002 of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.
PhD study at the Faculty of Management at Comenius University is oriented towards achievement of the scientific-academic title “Philosophiae Doctor” ("PhD.") in the study program:

Management in the field Economy and Management

PhD program consists of two basic mutually connected parts: Study program and Research program.

By completion of the study program the student obtains knowledge and skills necessary to solve contemporary problems in a chosen specialization. Research program consists of an assignment to solve a given problem that can be a part of a research project.

During the study a PhD student is familiarized with the methods of scientific research and his/her theoretical knowledge in the field of management and special courses gets deeper. A student solves a research topic and he reports the results in the Thesis.

Students attend lectures according to the study program; they study independently and do research according to the research program led by their supervising professor.
The main forms of the evaluation of Ph.D. student are:
Annual evaluation of the Ph.D. student
Dissertation exam
Thesis presentation

Full time PhD students apply for the dissertation exam at least 18 months and part time students 3 years after the beginning of the study.
Full-time PhD student should earn at least 45 credits per academic year, part-time student 30 credits.
PhD student is allowed to apply for dissertation examination only after earning 90 credits.
Dissertation exam has both written and oral parts.

PhD student is allowed to submit the Thesis after earning 150 credits only.

Thesis presentation is open to the public. The results will be decided according to the individual votes of the members of the committee on the non-public meeting.

Selected Internal Regulations

IR No. 7/2018
Guideline of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava The Full Text of IR no. 12/2013 of the Guideline of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava on the Basic Requirements of Final Theses, Rigorous Theses, and Habilitation Theses, Originality Check, Storing and Accessibility at Comenius University in Bratislava as Amended by Appendix No. 1 and Appendix No. 2.


Advisor for PhD study
Prof. Ing. Anna Pilková, PhD., MBA
tel.: +421 2 9021 2111
e-mail: anna.pilkovafm.uniba.sk

Completed Ph.D. application forms and required attachments are to be sent to the Department of International Relations of FM CU, Odbojárov 10, P. O. Box 95, 820 05 Bratislava 25, Slovak Republic.

Each applicant should pass the admission interview.

Required documents for applicants

  • Completed university education (minimum master degree).
  • Active knowledge of English.
  • Application for PhD study.
  • CV.
  • Authenticated evidence of qualifications (diplomas, certificate of state examination).
  • In case the certificate of state examination and diploma is not yet available, applicant must provide a certificate issued by the study department stating the end of university studies.
  • A list of publications (if published).
  • Confirmation of participation (certificate of attendance) in student research activities (if attended).
  • Other documents of education (language skills, certificates, recommendations).
  • PhD research proposal (cca 5 pages):
    o outlines your proposed research topics in the context of previous work,
    o highlights your awareness of current debates within the field,
    o demonstrates a suitable level of analysis,
    o identifies relevant gaps in current knowledge,
    o suggests a relevant research hypothesis to fill some of these gaps,
    o explains your intended research methodology in sufficient detail,
    o discusses the implications to real-world policy that PhD your proposal may