Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

Research Themes

Research themes at Department of Management

Contact person: Mgr. Zuzana Kirchmayer, PhD.

Human Resource Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviuor
Organizational Culture
Business and Managerial Ethics
Ethical Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making
Knowledge Management
Managerial Profile
Japanese Management
Management in Public Organizations
Flexible Forms of Employment
Regulation and Competition Policy
Foreign Investments
Balkan States and the EU
Informational and Communicational Technologies

Research themes at Department of Economy and Finance

Contact person: doc. Mgr. Paulína Stachová, PhD.

<output>Contact person: doc. Mgr. Paulína Stachová, PhD.</output>

<output>Contact person: doc. Mgr. Paulína Stachová, PhD.</output>

Business entities and their activities
International economic relations
European economic integration
Regional economy of the EU
Slovak republic's economy
Inequalities of the labour market
Generational view
Diversity management
Psychological aspects of cooperation between individuals on the workplace
Equal Opportunity Management
Business relations in German-speaking countries

Research themes at Department of Marketing

Contact person: Mgr. Lucia Vilčeková, PhD.

Marketing research
Buyer behavior
Data mining
Social Media Marketing
Holistic  Marketing
Sustainable markeitng
Relationship marketing
Marketing communication
Trade marketing
Strategic marketing
Tourism marketing
Brand management
Strategic partnership
Public Relations
Political marketing
Markeitng of regions
International marketing

Research themes at Department of Information Systems

Contact person: JUDr. PhDr. Tomáš Peráček, PhD.

E- commerce and online marketing
Mathematical and quantitative methods in management
Project management
IT and  management of IT systems
Knowledge management
Agile management in IT
E-learning and education in IT
Managerial communication and creativity
Informatics and programing
EU politics and econometrics
Processing and data analysis
Business intelligence
Text mining
Business English

Research themes at Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Contact person: Mgr. Marian Holienka, PhD.

Entrepreneurial activity, attitudes and aspirations of individuals
Development of enterprising tendency, entrepreneurial characteristics and skills
Entrepreneurial and managerial decision making
Inclusive entrepreneurship - women, youth, seniors, other disadvantaged groups
Entrepreneurial environment, policies and support
New business ventures - strategies and financing, support ecosystem
Entrepreneurship, intellectual capital and innovation in established business organizations
User innovation and their comercialization, open innovation
Small and medium-sized enterprises - strategies and financing
Entrepreneurial university
Lean management, logistics, quality management
Process management
Strategic analyses and strategy formulation
Strategic controlling
Strategic performance management
Strategic risk management in financial institutions