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About Faculty

The Faculty of Management at Comenius University Bratislava, established in 1991, has been a pioneering force in Slovakia's higher education landscape for business management. This groundbreaking initiative was realized with significant input and collaboration from prestigious American institutions, including Cornell, University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University. These partnerships were instrumental in shaping the faculty's vision: to emulate the standards of the world's top business schools and cultivate a new generation of business leaders in Slovakia. Many of its early graduates benefited from study programs in the U.S., and today, they hold influential roles across both the public and private sectors in Slovakia and beyond.

The Faculty of Management's foundational principles are still relevant:

  • Aligning its operations and curriculum with globally recognized business schools.
  • Strengthening its position through international collaborations and partnerships.
  • Ensuring the compatibility of its study programs with international standards to facilitate student exchange opportunities.

The mission of the Faculty of Management at Comenius University is to prepare high-quality and competitive graduates who are capable of working in teams or assuming managerial positions in various types of organizations. This preparation is based on the latest insights from management theory, a field to which the faculty contributes through its own scientific research activities.
In line with its adopted strategy, the faculty declares its intention to continue its successful trajectory in the field of management studies. As an integral part of Comenius University, it aims to contribute to the university's evolution as a "research university." The faculty places great emphasis on the close integration of pedagogical and scientific research activities. Coupled with the development of ties to managerial practice, this approach is seen as an effective way to promote the trends of building a knowledge-based society.

In response to the evolving demands of the 21st-century global business landscape, the faculty has consistently integrated practical experience with academic learning. This approach ensures students are equipped with creativity, a global perspective, entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of social responsibility. Furthermore, proficiency in foreign languages, a hallmark of the faculty's curriculum, enables students to participate in exchange and mobility programs, enriching their educational experience with diverse methodologies and work practices from Europe and around the world.

Over its three-decade history, the Faculty of Management has solidified its reputation both on a national and international scale. Notably, since 2008, it has been the sole Slovak faculty to be recognized by the Eduniversal ranking agency, consistently securing a position among the top 1,000 global business schools.

The faculty offers a comprehensive range of programs, including bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees in Economy and Management, all of which are accredited in English. These programs provide students with a holistic education in economics, business management, and administration. The faculty's innovative interdisciplinary program, which combines Management and Law, is a testament to its forward-thinking approach. Developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Law at Comenius University Bratislava, this program is tailored to address the multifaceted business challenges of today.

Bratislava, with its dynamic environment, green spaces, and reputation for safety, offers an ideal backdrop for academic pursuits. The broader academic and cultural offerings of Comenius University further amplify the student experience. The faculty's robust ties with the industry are evident in its curriculum and extracurricular activities. Collaborations with entities like the American Chamber of Commerce ensure that managers and specialists frequently serve as guest lecturers, providing students with real-world insights. Such partnerships also facilitate internships and networking opportunities, often leading to promising job placements post-graduation. As a result, the faculty's graduates have found success in diverse fields, from banking to consulting, and many have risen to prominent roles in their respective sectors.

The Faculty of Management's graduates are sought after in national and international companies, consultancies, public sector entities, and other institutions. Their comprehensive education, combined with practical experience, gives them a significant competitive edge in the job market. Many alumni have ascended to vital managerial roles, become influential figures in banking and finance, or have successfully pursued academic careers. The faculty's achievements are a testament to the collaborative efforts of its educators, students, alumni, and industry partners, all working towards the shared goal of excellence in business education.

All our past achievements are perceived as a result of the collaboration between faculty members and students, as well as the development of relationships with alumni and other key partners. Our collective aspiration is to continue the successful development of the faculty and enhance the quality of its activities.

Dean of the Faculty of Management, Comenius University Bratislava