Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava

Project AMSAFT

Project AMSAFT - VÚB Grant award no. 2015-3-02/5
Project: Development of the Theory and Application of Stochastic Analysis of Financial Markets to the Current Problems of Business Practice (AMSAFT)

The proposed research project aims to promote the use of quantitative methods in decision making by managers, whether financial, project managers, or IT managers. We will focus in our research on the mathematical and statistical methods which are suitable for the analysis of the key factors that may influence the decision whether it be in the various financial institutions or business corporatations.
The strategic objective of the project is to strengthen the scientific research position of the Faculty of Management focusing on the creation of modern scientific research center focused on the use of quantitative methods in management and economics.
We want to strengthen research cooperation between academia and business, and, where appropriate, with research centers in Slovakia and abroad.
The aim of the project is also to improve education of our graduates in mathematical and statistical methods and their application in finance, project management and management information systems.