Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava


Development of inclusive entrepreneurship of selected disadvantaged groups in Slovakia: a pragmatic approach (INCLUENT)

One area that has not yet been sufficiently addressed in development of entrepreneurship, both in Slovakia and abroad, is the inclusive entrepreneurship. It represent an involvement of disadvantaged groups (e.g. women, seniors, youth, migrants etc.) in entrepreneurial activities, leading through unleashing their creative potential towards the economic self-sufficiency, that is beneficial for themselves as well as for the development of the entire society. Main aim of the INKLUPOD/INCLUENT project is to create a comprehensive methodology for development of inclusive entrepreneurship of selected disadvantaged groups in
Slovakia (women, seniors, youth, migrants) on national and regional level, based on the analysis of the current state and latest knowledge and experience in Europe and in the world. Also, the aim is to verify and test the selected attributes of the methodology by means of pilot projects and quantification of their potential impact.

The project is executed in partnership with Slovak Business Agency (link: http://www.sbagency.sk/en/slovak-business-agency).