Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava

Jean Monnet project

It has been a great success for the Faculty of Management , Comenius University in Bratislava to obtain the Jean Monnet project (Erasmus +) titled Enterprising in the European economic area, and at the same time also a big commitment and responsibility of the researchers´ team its successful accomplishment.

The goal of the project is the innovation of an education process and incorporation of requirements of the economic practice into this process. It is essential to prepare competent and knowledgeable managers of the European level for managing Slovak and foreign companies. The multilingual education process is emphasized within the project implementation. The faculty graduates will master the theoretical thresholds of the entrepreneurship in the European economic area and will implement the European Union legislation in the real life (state aid, economic competition, financial and managerial accounting).


Project „Business in the European Economic Area - the Present and Future of EU Integration“ spreads and creates the presumption of students' interest in business establishment not only in Slovakia but also in other EU Member States. The tailored course is based on the needs of society, the analysis of the lack of Euro-integrative subjects within the academic curriculum of Slovak universities, the employers' needs and the economic practice. The Faculty of Management of Comenius University in Bratislava is interested in changing the system of education and adjusting it to the European Union objectives and plans to introduce three new courses for the students – European Economic Law; European Company Law; Accounting and Control in the European Economic Area. This initiative was motivated and ignited by the Strategy Europe 2020 that had an influence on the innovative process of an education system in our university. The goal of introducing and incorporating measurements associated with the Strategy Europe 2020. The education process will be conducted partially in English language, as well. The students’ knowledge will be improved by selecting this structure of education that also strengthens students’ competitiveness and prepares them for enterprising in the European economic area. To master the subject the students will be prepared in the area of business economics and corporate management, capable of analysing economic phenomena and processes in the business entity and able of making proper managerial decisions.

Work Programme:

European Economic Law – teaching
Accounting and Control in the European Economic Area – teaching
European Business Law – teaching
Textbook, Manuals for teaching, Quick Reference Guide – deliverable
Conference papers – deliverable
Mobile application for students’ learning – deliverable
Research in selected countries of the EU – research
Practical experience of enterprising in the European economic area European Economic Integration – event
Conference – European Economic Integration  - 10th anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty – event
Visiting selected Austrian, German, and French Universities – events