Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava



The Entrepreneurship study program builds upon a longstanding tradition of teaching entrepreneurship subjects and specializations at both the bachelor's and master's levels within the Management study program. Drawing from extensive experience in international research projects, partnerships with institutions and the entrepreneurial community, as well as the accumulated international expertise of our faculty in this domain, the education in entrepreneurship has evolved into a distinct Entrepreneurship study program.

Our vision is to offer and continually refine a practice and experience-driven curriculum focused on contemporary facets of entrepreneurship, innovativeness, innovative behavior, and innovative management across various organizational types and startups. We teach, and plan to continue teaching, in collaboration with an extensive network of startup partnerships, as well as established companies. At the master's level, the program extends into strategy and entrepreneurship. Concurrently, we aim to integrate the latest techniques and approaches identified through our research activities and international partnerships in the field of entrepreneurship.

This vision is bolstered by the successful alumni of FM UK, many of whom have ventured into their own businesses or remain active in the startup ecosystem. The study program also supports significant economic development objectives, both nationally and at the pan-European level, as outlined in the strategic documents of the Slovak Republic and the EU.