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Master Study program

Faculty of Management offers master study program:


Master degree graduation
The main condition to graduate and to obtain the master degree is to pass the state examination. Only students who submitted the master thesis and successfully completed all the compulsory courses and mandatory selective courses can apply for the state examination. The master thesis defence is part of the state examination. At FM CU also the examination from Management, Theories, Methods, Applications is part of state exam at master level.

Master thesis
The student of the 1st year of master degree must choose one block of compulsory
selective courses before the matriculation to the 1st year of master degree (or alternatively during the preliminary matriculation after performing the state examination of bachelor degree). The topic of the master thesis must be chosen from the official list of topics for masters theses not later than the 30th October. The students are informed about the form of the registration of the topics of the master thesis at the beginning of the semester during matriculation. The diploma seminar is managed by the supervisor of the diploma seminar appointed by the head of the department. The attendance at the diploma seminar is mandatory
for all students without exceptions. The master thesis must be submitted for the defence before the deadline stated by the academic calendar at the particular department defined by the assignment. The master (diploma) thesis must contain an abstract in Slovak language and an abstract in English language and if the thesis is written in English (or any other foreign language) it must contain also a summary in Slovak language (approximate length of the summary should be ten percent of the length of the original thesis, but not shorter than four pages; the summary is not counted into the thesis overall length).
The evaluation of the Diploma Seminar I is recorded by the supervisor of the diploma seminar determined by the head of the department or by the thesis tutor, depending on the decision of the head of the department. Based on the evaluation of the diploma seminars the student yearns credits.

Practice (Diploma)
The evaluation of the practice (diploma) which is of minimum length 9 weeks, after it is ended, is performed by the head of the department. The conditions to receive a positive evaluation for the diploma practice are stated by the head of the department. The practice can be completed at any time during the 1st and 2nd year of master degree study prior to the deadline stated in the academic calendar. Based on the evaluation achieved for the completed practice the student yearns the credits.

The state examination is organized both in written and oral form and the student must pass it in front of a committee appointed by the dean.

Guideline of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava on the Basic Essentials of Theses, Rigorous Theses and Habilitation Theses, Check of Their Originality, Their Storage and Accessing at Comenius University in Bratislava