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Bachelor Study Program

The study consists of various business-oriented subjects that cover general topics of economics, management, marketing, finance, accounting, project management, personnel management, and law. In addition, the study plan is also oriented to the modern trends in individual topics.
The study emphasizes the most critical aspects of business studies while developing business English language and technical or presentation skills. Bachelor's degree students gain basic knowledge in various management fields and related scientific disciplines.
Particular topics of interest can be developed when writing a bachelor's thesis.
The bachelor's degree also offers opportunities for Erasmus+ mobility within the entire EU.

Faculty of Management offers bachelor study programs:

Bachelor degree graduation
The main condition to graduate and to obtain the bachelor degree is to pass the state examination. Only students who submitted the bachelor thesis for the defence and successfully completed all the compulsory courses and mandatory selective courses can apply for the state examination. The bachelor thesis defence is the main part of the state examination. At FM CU the examination from the Management and from Economics and Finance is also part of the state exams at bachelor level.

Bachelor thesis
Topics for the bachelor thesis are presented by the departments to students at the end of the 4th semester. The student chooses the topic of bachelor thesis from the official list of topics for the bachelor theses before the the matriculation to the 3rd year. The attendance on the Bachelor Thesis Preparing Seminar and the Bachelor Thesis Project are mandatory for all students without exceptions. The bachelor thesis must be submitted for the defence before the deadline stated by the academic calendar at the particular department (the department is specified in the thesis assignment). The evaluation of the Bachelor Thesis Project is recorded by the supervisot of the bachelor thesis or alternatively by the head of the department after submitting the bachelor thesis for defence. Based on the evaluation of the Bachelor Thesis Project the student earns the credits. The bachelor thesis must contain the abstract in Slovak language and abstract in English language and if the thesis is written in English (or any other foreign language) it must contain also summary in Slovak language (the summary should be approximately one and half to two pages long – it can be written in the form of extended abstract; the summary is not counted into the thesis overall length).

The state examination is organized in written and oral form and the student must
perform it in front of a committee appointed by the dean.

Guideline of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava
on the Basic Essentials of Theses, Rigorous Theses and Habilitation Theses, Check of Their Originality, Their Storage and Accessing at Comenius University in Bratislava