Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

Administrative Offices

Study Department

General e-mail for Study department

Head of Study department
Mgr. Michaela Belešová
e-mail: michaela.belesovauniba.sk


Mgr. Eleonóra Fecišková
e-mail: eleonora.feciskovafm.uniba.sk

Mgr. Andrea Daňová
e-mail: andrea.danovafm.uniba.sk 

Daniela Slaná
e-mail: daniela.slanafm.uniba.sk

Department of Doctoral Studies

Vice-Dean for Science, Research and PhD
Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Marian Holienka, PhD.
tel.: +421 2 9021 2107

Advisor for PhD study
Prof. Ing. Anna Pilková, PhD., MBA
tel.: +421 2 9021 2111
e-mail: anna.pilkovafm.uniba.sk

Administrative officer
Ing. Jaroslava Dzugasová CSc.
e-mail: jaroslava.dzugasovafm.uniba.sk
tel.: +421 2 9021 2122

Mgr. Ľudmila Mitková PhD.
e-mail: ludmila.mitkovafm.uniba.sk

<output>+421 2 9021 2122</output>

Information about PhD study

International Relations

Vice Dean for International Relations
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Mgr. Lucia Vilčeková, PhD.

Office for ERASMUS+
Mgr. Erika Černeková
e-mail: erika.cernekovafm.uniba.sk
Phone: +421 2 9021 2026
3rd floor, room 337

Department of Post Graduate Study
Administrative officer
Ing. Jaroslava Dzugasová, CSc.
e-mail: jaroslava.dzugasovafm.uniba.sk
Phone: +421 2 9021 2122

Mgr. Ľudmila Mitková, PhD.
e-mail: ludmila.mitkovafm.uniba.sk

More Information about PhD study

Addministrative officer
for study program in English Language
Bachelor and Master Study program

Mgr. Lucia Kočišová
Phone: +421 2 9021 2067
e-mail: lucia.kocisovafm.uniba.sk

More information about study in English Language

Information Technology Centre

Website of Centre

Head of Centre
RNDr. Zuzana Kovačičová, PhD.

Ing. Pavol Gono - technical manager
Ing. Martin Kolpák
Mgr. Martin Krajčík

Department of Science and Research

Contact for Research Cooperation

Vice-Dean for Science, Research and PhD

Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Marian Holienka, PhD.
e-mail: marian.holienkafm.uniba.sk

Mgr. Juraj Mikuš, PhD.



Department of Professional Development

Mgr. Alexandra Rusínová
e-mail: alexandra.rusinovafm.uniba.sk
tel.:  +421 2 9021 2125

Centre for Educational-Psychological Counseling

In Charge of the Centre:
Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Rozália Sulíková, PhD.
Phone: +421 2 9021 2043
e-mail: rozalia.sulikovafm.uniba.sk

Centre for educational-psychological counseling was established in 2008 on the basis of the demand from students and workers FM CU. Center reports directly to the dean.. Anyone interested in the services provided can apply directly to the CPP at the designated hours.
Description of services provided by CPP:

  • psychological counseling for students,
  • advice for students with disabilities,
  • counseling and workshops for young educators in the field of personality development and streamline the teaching process,
  • arranging and conducting of workshops,
  • organizing other educational workshops for the company employees,
  • solutions to educational problems.

Sports club of the Faculty, ŠK FAMA

There is a sports club operating on the faculty of management named ŠK FAMA, which was registered under that name at the interior ministry on 19th September 2002.
The club organizes a number of activities within the faculty, students involved in inter-faculty sports competitions and university league. It is financed from the budget of the Slovak Association of University Sports, as well as from its own resources generated from sponsors.

The Head of Club
Mgr. Eleonóra Beňová, PhD.