Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

Administrative Offices

Study Department

Head of the Department:
Ing. Iveta Drahošová
Phone: +421 2 50 117 465
e-mail: iveta.drahosovafm.uniba.sk


Mgr. Eleonóra Fecišková
e-mail: eleonora.feciskovafm.uniba.sk

Mgr. Andrea Daňová
e-mail: andrea.danovafm.uniba.sk

Ing. Jaroslava Dzugasová
e-mail: jaroslava.dzugasovafm.uniba.sk

Mgr. Jerguš Čáran
e-mail: jergus.caranfm.uniba.sk

Department of Post Graduate Study

Vice-Dean for Science, Research and PhD
Prof. Ing. Anna Pilková, PhD., MBA
Phone: +421 2 50 117 628


PhDr. Viera Bennárová
e-mail: viera.bennarovafm.uniba.sk

Mgr. Andrea Studeničová
e-mail: andrea.studenicovafm.uniba.sk

International Relations

Vice Dean for International Relations
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Mgr. Lucia Vilčeková, PhD.

International Office
PhDr. Viera Bennárová
e-mail: viera.bennarovafm.uniba.sk
3rd floor, room 336

Office for ERASMUS+
Mgr. Erika Černeková
e-mail: erika.cernekovafm.uniba.sk
Phone: +421 2 50 117 438
3rd floor, room 337

Information Technology Centre

Website of Centre

Head of Centre
RNDr. Zuzana Kovačičová, PhD.

Ing. Pavol Gono - technical manager
Ing. Martin Kolpák
Mgr. Martin Krajčík

Department of Science and Research

Contact for Research Cooperation

Vice-Dean for Science, Research and PhD

Prof. Ing. Anna Pilková, PhD., MBA
Phone: +421 2 50 117 628

Office of Science and Research
PhDr. Marian Holienka, PhD.
e-mail: marian.holienkafm.uniba.sk
Mgr. Nora Hlivárová
e-mail: nora.hlivarovafm.uniba.sk

Department of Professional Development

Mgr. Lucia Kočišová
e-mail: lucia.kocisovafm.uniba.sk
Phone: + 421 2 50 117 402

e-Europe Research & Development Centre


e-Europe Research & Development Centre
P.O. Box 95
Odbojárov 10
82005 Bratislava 25

Prof. Ing. Dušan Šoltés, CSc.
tel.: +421 2 50117 483

Mgr. Martina Drahošová, PhD.

The e-Europe Research & Development Centre is a specialized professional, scientific, research, development and educational center at the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University.

The Centre has been in its activities focused first of all on obtaining and solving research and development projects funded by the EU from the area of IST – Information Society Technologies and/or ICT – Information and Communication Technologies within the particular research and development framework programs (previous 6FP and the current 7FP) regarding the EU’s original Lisbon and later i2010 strategies on information society with the target years 2010 and/or 2013. The Centre contributes by its research and development activities to the creation of the conditions as being necessary for the subsequent practical implementation and utilization of the results of the particular international projects funded by the EU in the conditions of the Slovak Republic. In addition to the projects funded by the EU, the Centre has been on the case to case basis involved also in the research and development within other international projects and/or programmes as e.g. of the United Nations and its specialized agencies or some other international agencies and donors.

The Centre has been providing also a transfer of the latest scientific, research and development results and know how from those international projects and programmes directly into the educational process at the Faculty of Management and/or also within the whole Comenius University at Bratislava especially regarding areas belonging to the e-Europe and Information Society.

In its educational activities, the Centre has been mainly focused towards PhD. students whose research activities have been in the areas of ICT, IST, e-Europe, Lisbon strategy, i2010 strategy or the European integration in general, etc. So far in this respect, the Centre has successfully prepared several PhD. students who have - with their theses from the areas of  e.g.  e-learning or e-health - already successfully completed their studies and have obtained PhD. in management.  In all such and similar  cases, students are according to their specialization and their doctoral theses directly incorporated into the solution and development of the particular EU funded projects. Similar tasks are provided also in relation to students of the master degree studies. In both cases it is including foreign students studying at the Faculty of Management either under the EU/ERASMUS program or any other similar international study programs. According to the specific needs of individual international projects, the Centre has been using also internal or external domestic or foreign experts, consultants, collaborators, advisors, etc. within various forms of external cooperation.   

The Centre has been actively cooperating and collaborating with various similar partner and research centers within the international scientific and research community in particular with those from the EU member states. It has also been involved in the creation and establishing of various kinds of international research and development oriented consortia, “Networks of Excellence”, international research and development projects, programmes, clusters, etc. In this respect, the Center has already been successfully participating in development and also completion of numerous EU funded projects (see other part of this web site at http://erdc.fm.uniba.sk). The Centre has also been actively collaborating with various state and public organizations and agencies, with financial and economic agencies in the Slovak Republic as well as abroad especially in the EU member states. One of important activities in this respect has been a permanent cooperation and consulting and advisory support to SMEs especially those being active in the ICT/IST sector. As a part of all these various activities, the Centre has been actively participating also in various forms or regional and cross-border cooperation and projects like e.g. CENTROPE of the V4 countries and Austria being partially supported also by the EU and has been involved also in some other similar international projects, programmes and initiatives like e.g. the EU sponsored IST Africa initiative and conferences for transfer of know how from the EU IST/ICT programs to the ACP countries in Africa, etc. The Centre has also been active in publication of its results in various forms of publications, proceedings of conferences, seminars, and workshops home and abroad.

In all its above various activities, the Centre has been actively providing and further developing relations with the coordinators of the particular international programmes, initiatives, clusters, consortia and last but not least also directly with the European Commission at Brussels including various kinds of consulting, expert, evaluation and other related activities as needed in support of the implementation of the original Lisbon e-Europe strategy under the previous EU 6 and current 7FPs.



Management Development and Applied Research Centre

Prof. Ing. Ľubica Bajzíková, PhD.
Phone: +421 2 50 117 507

Prof. Ing. Ján Rudy, PhD.
Phone: +421 2 50 117 521

Centre for Management Development and Applied Research was founded with help and support of Cornell University as a project of Mellon Foundation.
Centre for Management Development and the applied research is a scientific research and development centre operating at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management.
The center was established in 1995 under the project CEHREI supported by the Mellon Foundation, in collaboration with Cornell University in the USA. Centre for Management
Development and the applied research is involved in solving many research and educational projects such as VEGA, PECO, PHARE, TEMPUS, etc. One of the other activities of the Centre is organizing annual preparatory courses for entrance exams at Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management.

Centre for Educational-Psychological Counseling

In Charge of the Centre:
Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Rozália Sulíková, PhD.
Phone: +421 2 50 117 481
e-mail: rozalia.sulikovafm.uniba.sk

Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Magdaléna Samuhelová, CSc.
Phone: +421 2 50 117 430

Centre for educational-psychological counseling was established in 2008 on the basis of the demand from students and workers FM CU. Center reports directly to the dean.. Anyone interested in the services provided can apply directly to the CPP at the designated hours.
Description of services provided by CPP:

  • psychological counseling for students,
  • advice for students with disabilities,
  • counseling and workshops for young educators in the field of personality development and streamline the teaching process,
  • arranging and conducting of workshops,
  • organizing other educational workshops for the company employees,
  • solutions to educational problems.

Sports club of the Faculty, ŠK FAMA

There is a sports club operating on the faculty of management named ŠK FAMA, which was registered under that name at the interior ministry on 19th September 2002.
The club organizes a number of activities within the faculty, students involved in inter-faculty sports competitions and university league. It is financed from the budget of the Slovak Association of University Sports, as well as from its own resources generated from sponsors.

The Head of Club
Mgr. Eleonóra Beňová, PhD.