Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava

Martin Krajčík

Mgr. Martin Krajčík, PhD. is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava in the field of management. In addition, he studied Erasmus at the private university RISEBA in Riga, Latvia, and at Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium. He was an external lecturer since 2019, currently he is an Assistant Professor at Department of Information Management and Business Systems.

On bachelor's program, he leads seminars on the subjects Computer Science, and Information Systems and Application Software. Since 2022, he also leads the Visualization of Information course. On master's program, he leads the course Solving real business problems - case studies.

In scientific research he specializes on the cloud and cloud services with a specialization on Microsoft 365, electronic form of communication in companies, Smart City, or digitalization of public administration and eGovernment.