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Ivan Skaloš

Ing. Ivan Skaloš is a PhD student at Department of management FMCU. He finalized his university studies at Faculty of National economy at the University of Economics in Bratislava, afterwards he worked for several years as financial auditor, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in finance, accounting, business management and risk management. These are topics he covered in upcoming years in various positions in life insurance and telecommunications industry. In last years he assumed the Compliance officer position at Slovak Telekom, a.s. and its sister company T-Mobile Czech republic a.s.

In 2013, Ivan was part of establishment process of the Slovak professional association Slovak Compliance circle („SCC“), focused on the promotion of the Compliance function and penetration of ethical entrepreneurship principles in the Slovak business. Since SCC started its activities, Ivan was part of its Board of Directors team, currently he leads the association’s Advisory Board. As results of SCC’s partnership with FMCU, since 2015 he gained pedagogical experience as guest presenter at Business ethics and Company ethics. In his presentations he focused on the approach to building effective and sustainable Compliance systems in large companies.

In his research and pedagogical activities, he focuses on the development of the ethical entrepreneurship in Slovakia. In this context he was in the 2018-2021 period member of the solution FMCU team in the program APVV-16-0091 Development of Business ethics in the Slovak business environment. He participates in the education process of Management I and Business Ethics in Slovak and English language.

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