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Anna Lašáková

Prof. Mgr. Anna Lašáková, PhD. works as a professor at the Department of Management, Faculty of Management, Comenius University Bratislava. Her professional orientation has a wide scope - within the scientific research and pedagogical work she deals with business ethics, ethics in personnel management, leadership, organizational behavior, and intercultural management. As part of Erasmus mobility, she has taught at several foreign universities. She was awarded for pedagogical work according to the evaluation of students at UniValue, and received an award from the Rector of Comenius University Bratislava for excellent pedagogical results. She has authored and co-authored several books and papers in leading scientific journals (e.g., Journal of Business Ethics, Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, International Journal of Educational Development, Business Ethics, the Environment, and Responsibility, Journal of East European Management Studies, European Journal of International Management). She has extensive research experience, e.g., as a member of the international research consortium GAIHE Governance and Adaptation to Innovative Modes of Higher Education Provision (LLP, European Commission), GLOBE Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness, VEGA project Critical Analysis of the Influence of Cultural and Ethical Factors on Leadership in the Slovak Business Environment, and APVV project Development of Business Ethics in the Slovak business environment. Currently, she leads a research project on Leadership, trust and culture in the Slovak work environment (VEGA no. 1/0419/22), and participates in a research project on Analysis of work expectations of Generation Z (VEGA no. 1/0441/21). Regarding her service to academic community and business practice, she coordinates the Ethics Counseling Center for students at the Faculty of Management and serves as the leader of the Center for Business Ethics. 

She contends that one of the biggest challenges for the current Management is to overcome the instrumental (and solely on economic rationality based) understanding of management and the work of a manager - leader. It is important to think about which forms and methods of leadership cultivate and develop human potential in the company, and which, on the contrary, distort and decimate it. 

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