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Staff mobility for teaching consists mainly of lectures which can be also combined with training. When it comes to teaching staff, Erasmus+ department (OPE RUK) supports the types of training activity which are in accordance with the principles of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), i.e., professionalisation of university staff and improvement of their language and digital competences.

a)      Training to develop pedagogical skills / curriculum design skills,

b)      Intensive language courses for staff members,

c)      Training to develop digital competences

In case the teacher wants to apply for teaching – he/she should apply to the STA, and choose from our listed universities for the next period, the current list here:

Link: https://www.fm.uniba.sk/medzinarodne-vztahy/zoznam-univerzit-erasmus-partnerske-univerzity/

At the university list, the following information is important for the applicant:

STA: 2 placements for teachers / 2x5/, which in this case means that the given university will accept 2 of our teachers per year, each for 5 days, during which they must teach 8 hours. It is good to communicate the teaching with the host university in advance, the foreign department of FM UK will provide the contacts.

The applicant applies for mobility for the purpose of teaching twice a year at the time once particular call is opened – and it is done online. The actual call is currently open with a deadline of 31.08.2023. Mobility is then completely administered in the Mobility Online System.

Applications for mobilities

The rectorate website (link below) provides all the necessary up-to-date and useful information as well as instructions regarding the administrative procedure of all mobilities: https://uniba.sk/index.php?id=29428