Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava


Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)

is a type of Erasmus+ mobility that consists of two parts (it is not possible to attend only one of these parts and the on-site part cannot be attended online):
•    virtual (1 hour - 1 semester)
•    on-site (usually 5 days)
How do I find out about the BIP?
•    Enlight BIP - directly by email from the Rector's Office of the UK, or Search results BIP (enlight-eu.org)
•    BIPs offered by a partner university - by email from the faculty's IRO
•    other BIPs - by your own search, e.g. on erasmusbip.eu
•    BIPs co-organised by our faculty - from lecturers
How should I proceed?
•    Find out basic information, consider my interest, possibilities and abilities;
•    Apply to the organiser;
•    Contact the IRO - farska8uniba.sk;
•    Follow further instructions I receive (always follow instructions from both Comenius University and the receiving institution).

You will receive a minimum of 3 ETCS for successful completion of the BIP, either in the form of recognition as one of the courses from your study plan or as an imported course (added to AIS2) with the BIP name. Please arrange the recognition in advance with the Vice- Dean Ms. Vilčeková.

Once the admission to the BIP course is confirmed, you upload a scan of your European Health Insurance Card and a fully signed Learning Agreement into Mobility Online.
You can get a 50€ top-up for using green travel. Student must upload train / bus tickets into the system in order to receive the top-up and – should the distance of travel demand it – additional days for travel. Flying any part of the journey disqualifies the  claim for green travel top-up.

Once all documents are correctly completed, you receive a Grant Agreement. This needs to be printed 2 times, manually signed and sent to the Erasmus Office at the Rectorate,  Šafárikovo námestie 6, 81499, BA. The grant is sent to the bank account of the student specified in the Grant Agreement within 30 days since the Agreement is received by the Erasmus Office. To receive the money before the mobility, make sure you have all documents uploaded at least 2 weeks before the mobility. The grant is 79€/day during the first 14 days, from day 15 to day 30 it’s 56€/day.