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Michal Páleník

Michal Páleník

Mgr. Michal Páleník, PhD. is a research fellow at the Faculty of management of the Comenius University Bratislava. He focuses on employment research, labour market and regional differences. He is author of several publications (mainly Inclusive employment (2013), Social system (2014), Employment policy (2014), Učebnica mzdovej kalkulačky (2021), Roma Inclusion through Green Economy (2021), The impact of aging on the health care sector in Slovakia - forecast of demand and supply until 2030 (2021)) and several articles.

Michal Páleník is head of finished project  APVV-15-0722 Social trap, which focuses on improving living conditions of people furthest away from the labour market.


LAU1 dataset

nezamestnanosť vo V4

Michal Páleník updates dataset on LAU1 regions in Visegrad countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Czechia). Data are available on county level and contain dataset on population (by age and gender) and data on registered unemployed.