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Pavel Danihel

Mgr. Pavel Danihel

PhD student Mgr. Pavel Danihel, after completing his master's degree at the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University, focused on publishing and scientific activities connected with analyzing the financial health of SMEs through indicators of financial analysis, researching the process of revitalizing the financial resources of SMEs, researching the impact of unpredictable external factors (covid-19, energy crisis) on the financial management of SMEs at home and abroad and by researching the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises as a driving force in the process of restarting the economy.

Publishing activity includes:

  • The influence of ratio indicators on the company's decision-making process,
    scientific journal MANEKO: www.maneko.sk/casopis/pdf/1_2022.pdf
  • The importance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of restarting the economy, contribution at the international scientific conference Horizons of the business environment VI

At the department of economics and finance, from the point of view of the pedagogical process, he works as a teacher for the subject Accounting procedures for entrepreneurs in the winter semester and Basics of accounting in the summer semester.
As part of his professional focus, he works in the field of BI solutions for business.

  • email danihel7@uniba.sk