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Ľudmila Mitková

Mgr. Ľudmila Mitková, PhD. is a member of the Department of Economics and Finance at FMUK since her PhD graduation in 2011. She is primarily engaged in the issues of gender equality, equal opportunities and generational change in the labour market, both in her publications and in conducting her final thesis. She has participated in projects such as the APVV project "Development of inclusiveness of entrepreneurship of selected disadvantaged groups in Slovakia: a pragmatic approach" (APVV-14-0647).  She is currently a member of the APVV project "Green Renewal of the EU in the post-Covid-19 era (GREENREC)" (APVV-20-0012) as well as the Horizon 2020 project Equal4Europe (GA 872499). In the past she has also participated in KEGA and Grundtvig projects. She has participated in several Erasmus+ mobilities. In the framework of teaching activities, she provides the Seminar for the Bachelor's Thesis and the Selected Specifics of the Labour Market, which is intended to bring closer the issue of intergenerational differences or reconciliation of work and family life, in addition to gender differences in the labour market and in business.

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Areas of research, participation in projects

Is Women Education a(t) Risk? CONTRACT NUMBER: 11412 1378 Grundtvig Learning Partnerships within the Lifelong Learning Programme. During 2011-2013, team member.

KEGA Project no. 012UK-4/2011 Content diversification of the subject Regional economic policy of the EU with a focus on linking the subject with managerial practice. During 2011 – 2013, team member.

APVV-14-0647 – Development of business inclusivity of selected disadvantaged groups in Slovakia: Pragmatic approach (INKLUPOD). Druring 2015-2019, team member.

APVV-20-0012 – Green recovery of the EU in the post-Covid-19 era (GREENREC). During 2021-2024, team member.

Horizon 2020 Projekt Equal4Europe ( GA 872499). During 2020-2023, team member from 2021.

Selected publication outputs

Mitková, Ľudmila: Occupational segregation and gender pay gap in Slovakia [elektronický dokument] In: Innovation management and education excellence through vision 2020: Roč. 31. - Norristown : International business information management association, 2018. - S. 5023-5030. - ISBN 978-0-9998551-0-2

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Kottulová, Janka - Mitková, Ľudmila: The technology start-up scene in Slovakia: No woman's land? In: Innovation, management, entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability: Proceedings of the 4th international conference. - Praha : Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, 2016. - S. 328-337. - ISBN 978-80-245-2153-4

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Mitková, Ľudmila: Starnutie populácie Európy a rodový dôchodkový rozdiel. In: Európska ekonomická integrácia v kontexte aktuálneho vývoja a výziev pre členské štáty Európskej únie. - Praha : Wolters Kluwer, 2016. - S. 68-80. - ISBN 978-80-7552-497-3

Mitková, Ľudmila - Pšenák, Peter : Gender board diversity and its influence on companies profit A case of Slovak top 100 earning companies. In: Vision 2025: education excellence and management of innovations through sustainable economic competitive advantage. - Madrid : International business information management association, 2019. - S. 10898-10904. - ISBN978-0-9998551-3-3

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Mitková, Ľudmila - Pšenák, Peter: Managing board gender diversity in top 100 Slovak companies. In: Business environment horizons : proceedings of the international scientific conference : part 1. - Praha : Wolters Kluwer ČR, 2020. - S. 69-77. - ISBN 978-80-7676-043-1

Prysyazhnyk, Khrystyna, Bazylevych, Iryna, Mitková, Ľudmila, Ivanochko, Iryna: Period-life of a branching process with migration and continuous time. Mathematics Roč. 9, č. 8 (2021), s. 1-10, art. no. 868 [online]

IF - JCR: 2019 - 1,747, wos-jcr -- Q1 [Mathematics] – 2019
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Olšavský, František, Štarchoň, Peter, Mitková, Ľudmila; Dudić, Branislav. Dynamics of the Slovak consumer behaviour in the context of ethnocentrism: managerial implications, Poljoprivreda i šumarstvo. - Roč. 68, č. 3 (2022), s. 7-21. ISSN (print) 0554-5579 ISSN (online) 1800-9492