Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava

International Management

The Faculty of Management has long recognized the significance of international and global operations of institutions, organizations, and businesses, and thus prepares its graduates to thrive in this environment.

Historically, FM UK has been among the most successful Slovak applicants for grants, such as the European Union's TEMPUS program, later the EU's Socrates and Leonardo programs, and currently Erasmus+. We were also active partners in the CEEPUS program, fostering numerous collaborations with universities from France, Germany, Austria, and the Benelux countries, which continue to flourish today.

The International Management study program evolved from specializations in European Integration and International Economic Relations within the Management discipline. In 2004, an independent International Management program was accredited, incorporating specialized subjects taught in French or German, leading to the establishment of two distinct tracks: the French Program and the German Program.

The educational aim was to harmonize and internationalize the management education system with those of universities in EU member states, facilitating the recognition of our graduates' credentials in line with the freedom of movement principle.

Over the years, this program has produced numerous successful graduates who have found roles in European institutions, national government structures, and the commercial sector, particularly in internationally-oriented companies and transnational corporations.

The study program is bolstered by proprietary research, partnerships with chambers of commerce, EU country embassies, state and European institutions, partner universities, and enduring relationships with our alumni.