Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

Application for the Master Study


• Submitting the Application Form
•  CV
• fee 50€
• The Bachelor Level Education Recognition documents.
• English and Mathematics entrance exams (only for full-time study)

The fee for one full academic year is 3 500 €.
Standard length of study is two years for the full-time study.

In order to get the recognition documents, the apostilled or superlegalized documents officially translated into Slovak (Diploma and Diploma Supplement) are submitted to the Ministry of Education and then with the position of the Ministry, to the appropriate Slovak University which offers the same or similar study program. The University considers the applicant’s study content and issues the Recognition document, or prescribes additional examinations or the defense of the Bachelor Thesis. The recognition document issued by a Slovak University serves as a Bachelor Diploma in Slovak Republic for academic purposes.