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Rigorous Examination Procedure

Rigorous Examination Procedure is based on the Higher Education Act No. 131/2002 of the Law Code as amended by the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and on the direction of the Chancellor of CU No. 2/2007.

After successful passing of the Rigorous Examination Procedure, the applicant is awarded the title PhDr. (doctor of philosophy).
The applicants are the graduates from Universities in the field of management or in the similar field. The foreign applicants should have Recognition of the Master Level Education from Comenius University.

Rigorous examination consists of two parts: Thesis presentation of the Thesis and oral examination, both on the same day.
Subjects for oral examination: a student selects two subjects at minimum.
Financial Management
Strategic Management
Marketing Management
Human Resources Management
Organization Behavior
Management Information Systems
Other provisions and the fee for this procedure are appointed in the Contract.
Detailed information on the Rigorous Examination Procedure can be obtained at the Study Department.

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