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Faculty of Management offers bachelor study program, master study program and PhD study program accredited in English language of teaching.


MANAGEMENT in the field Economy and Management

MANAGEMENT in the field Economy and Management

MANAGEMENT in the field Economy and Management

More information for applicants: https://www.fakultamanagementu.sk/english/

More details about the study programs you can find in the Study Guide

Deadline for application

In the current situation we are accepting electronically submitted applications. Applications in paper form can be submitted at a later date. Based on your documents you will be informed if you are eligible for the study, or conditionally admitted for the full-time study. To complete the enrolment you need to present a certificate of equivalence/validation of your education called “nostrification”. For any kind of information, contact our study department: studywithusfm.uniba.sk.

Link to e-Application: https://e-prihlaska.uniba.sk/

The study program at the Faculty of Management of Comenius University in Bratislava (FM CU) is based on European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
This system enables FM CU to accomplish several goals:

  • to define the extent of the instruction at a certain level of study,
  • to define the range of obligatory and optional courses,
  • to determine the compatibility of FM CU study program with those of other universities.

The whole graduate study program is divided into two stages: the Bachelor study program and the Master study program. The Bachelor study program consists of the first three years of study and ends with a state exam. The minimum number of credits (ECTS) needed to accomplish this program is 180. The Master program consists of two years of study and ends with a thesis presentation and a final state examination. The minimum requirement for the completion of the Master’s degree is 120 credits.
The exams at FM CU have to be passed at the end of the teaching period. Graded exams have five possible grades: A – excellent, B – very good, C – good, D – satisfactory, E – sufficient and FX – fail. These exams must be passed during the examination period. If students "fail" at the graded exam for the first time, they are entitled to second and third chances.