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Project Information
Grant agreement ID: 015801
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Start date 1 March 2005
End date 31 August 2006
Funded under: FP6-IST

Overall budget € 749 998
EU contribution € 749 998
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Stimulate the participation of SMEs from NMS inIST activities

EPRI start - Started to succeed

is an 18 months project (March 2005 – August
2006) that stimulates, increases and qualifies the
participation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
from all ten New Member States of the European
Union in the Information Society Technologies (IST)
Programme of the European Union.

EPRI start - aims to:

  • establish and announce a Qualified Partner Pool
    consisting of the most innovative IST oriented SMEs
    from New Member States of the European Union,
  • develop a Certified Partner Pool providing these
    SME partners with a Fast Track Procedure and with
    a Starter Package ready to immediately participate in
    IST Research Projects,
  • finally initiate participation of SMEs from New Member 
    States in the different IST Calls during the
    lifetime of the project.

Therefore EPRI-start is supported by political decision
makers of the New Member States of the European
Union as well as European Political Decision Makers in
order to foster SME participation in European Research
and to prepare and support the discussion of the 7th
Framework Programme.

EPRI START Co-ordinator

TSA – Teleport Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH
Steinfeldstrasse 3
D-39179 Barleben

Mr. Marco Langhof
Mr. Uwe Leicht

How you can benefit

… as an innovative SME from the New Member
States of the European Union:

  • use European Research for continuous innovation
    and technological development in your company,
  • get experiences and knowledge in international
    research and development co-operation and
    create attractive jobs,
  • get up-to-date information on ongoing
    opportunities in European Research programmes
    and use the Fast Track to Participation,
  • become part of a sustainable self helping network
    within your country,
  • get access to the EPRI-Forum, a network of
    political decision makers supporting your recent
    and future participation in European Research.

… as a player in an existing or newly arising IST
project consortium:

  • get access to fresh and innovative resources from
    the New Member States as an enhancement of
    your consortium,
  • extend existing networks by co-operating with
    the most innovative SMEs from the New Member
  • become part of the EPRI-start network of scientific
    promoters in the NMS, extend your trans-national
    co-operation and re-focus your internationalisation

Your Fast Track to Participation How you can start

… as an innovative SME from the New Member
States of the European Union:

  • contact the EPRI-start partner in your country,
  • announce your participation idea,
  • go through the EPRI-start certification procedure
    with your local EPRI-start partner,
  • get your Starter Package ready to use in any

use the EPRI-start participation brokering platform

… as player in the IST community:

  • contact EPRI START personnel directly during
    numerous IST events,
  • go to www.epristart.org and search the Company
    Fact Sheet database by country, SME name, or
    call theme
  • study the Company Fact Sheets,
    contact EPRI START or the identified SMEs from
    the NMS directly.