Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava


Head of the Department:
doc. PhDr. Marian Šuplata, PhD.
tel.: +421 2 9021 2123
e-mail: marian.suplatafm.uniba.sk 

Secretary and Scientific Secretary of the Department:
PhDr. Lívia Bott Domonkos, PhD.
e-mail: livia.bott.domonkosfm.uniba.sk

Administration Office:
Ing. Iveta Drahošová
phone: +421 2 9021 2051
door no.: 229
e-mail: iveta.drahosovafm.uniba.sk

Full-time Staff:
Prof. JUDr. Daniela Nováčková, PhD.
Assoc. Prof.  PhDr. René Pawera, PhD.
Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Marián Šuplata, PhD.
Assoc. Prof. Frédéric Delaneuville, PhD. 
Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Emília Charfaoui, CSc. 
PhDr. Lívia Bott Domonkos, PhD.
Mgr. Eva Brestovanská, PhD.
Mgr. Branislav Dudić, PhD.

Part-time Staff:
prof. Alain Buzelay, PhD.
prof. Étienne Criqui, PhD.
prof. Yves Petit, PhD.
doc. Vincent Fromentin, PhD.
doc. Jérôme Hubler, PhD.
doc. Ghislaine Pellat, PhD.
doc. Dr. Maximilian Lackner, PhD. MBA
doc. PhDr. Daniela Majerčáková, PhD., MBA
doc. Mgr. Petra Milošovičová, PhD.
doc. Jana Marasová, PhD.
PhDr. Štefan Rychtárik, PhD.
Ing. Žaneta Lacová, PhD.
Ing. Zuzana Desvergnes
Mgr. Katarína Jurisová, MA
Ing. Peter Knap, MBA
Mag. Viktoria Szmid
Mgr. Gabriela Vlčanová, PhD.

Full-time PhD. Students:
Mgr. Olivier Dumontel
Mgr. Jurišová Anna 
Khan Sher 
Mgr. Šrútová Radoslava 

The Department of International Management covers the subjects of the study programme of International Management at both Bachelor and Master level of study focused on international aspects of management.

Within the Bachelor's degree, part of the studies are conducted in French or German. The programme combines management education and the development of knowledge of the economic and cultural specificities of German- and French-speaking countries, thus creating the optimal prerequisites for students' professional employment in an international environment.

At the bachelor's degree level, the department provides the teaching process in the compulsory subjects: International Organizations; International Business; Diplomacy; International Economic Law. French language for managers I, II, III; Legal French; Economic and political realities in Francophone countries I, II; French business law; Intercultural management I, II; Business negotiations; Management in Europe in the context of globalization. Within the German block of subjects the Department provides educational activities in the following subjects: German Language for Managers I, II; Legal German; Economic-Political Realities in German-speaking Countries I, II; Economic Policy in German-speaking Countries; Intercultural Management I, II; Business Negotiations.

At the master's degree level, the department provides the pedagogical process in the study programme of international management in the compulsory subjects Management of EU projects and programmes; Regional and economic policy of the EU; International management I, II. At the second cycle of studies, students have the possibility to continue their studies in partly French, possibly German variant. The Department provides the following courses in the French block of courses: European Business Law; European Integration; Internal Market and EU Economic Policies; Diagnostics and Management of European Companies; Monetary Policy and Regulation of the Financial System; Financial Analysis and Financial Management of Enterprises in Europe; International Fiscal Engineering. Within the German block of courses, students will take the following courses provided by the Department: European Economic Law; Internal Market and EU Economic Policies.

In cooperation with the University of Lorraine, the Department also provides tuition enabling French-speaking students to take courses taught by teachers from the foreign university together with their diploma from the Comenius University in Bratislava as part of their Master's degree studies.

The Department actively cooperates with chambers of commerce (French-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Swiss-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and embassies (French, Canadian, German, Austrian, Swiss, Belgian and others). The French programme is part of the Francophone network of study programmes under the umbrella of the Slovak-French University Institute. Members of the department also regularly participate in the organisation of the Students-Business-Universities Job Fair (Forum Étudiants-Entreprises-Universités), which enables francophone students to have personal contact with representatives of French-speaking companies operating in Slovakia.