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Safety guidelines

Internet safety guidelines at Comenius University

Basic regulation which summarize common principle of IT Security on the Comenius University as well as user’s obligation is Security policy, which was released as CU internal prescription number 12/2009. Guidelines of IT security are summarized in security guideline (CU internal prescription number 2/2011).

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*This information was originally published on Comenius University website.

Safety policies and tips

  1.  The basic principle is: Never give your password to anyone!

  2. Do not use the same password to access all of your services and accounts. In the event that your password to a certain service is broken, data from various services may be misused. Therefore, it is important to have a different password to access your services (different password for internet banking, email, social networks, etc.)

  3. Use complicated but easy-to-remember passwords. Basically, the longer the password is, the harder the attacker will break it. You can use the full sentence to create a password. For example:
    It is also recommended that you replace some letters with numbers or other characters in your password, for example:

    Note that in this sentence we replaced the letter "o" with number "0", the letter "a" for the character "@" or the letter "e" with the number "3". We also added the hyphen, "-", and the password also contains upper and lower case letters.

    From a simple sentence you can create a strong, memorable and very effective password. Your password should ideally contain a combination of letters and digits, case-insensitive or/and special characters such as "-", "@", "/", "!" and so on.

  4. And do not forget! Never give your password to anyone! No service provider has a reason to ask you for your password to any service.