Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

MS Outlook

The MS Outlook desktop application is (not only) an email client that is default program on workstations by default at Faculty of management. MS Outlook allows you to manage emails, contacts, tasks, calendars and much more. For more information, visit the official Microsoft website for an overview and instructions for MS Outlook.

MS Outlook for Mac OS

To connect to the Office 365 we recommend to use MS Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Run Microsoft Outlook app. In Tools select Accounts.

If this is the first account you create in MS Outlook, under Add an Account, click Exchange Account. If you have already set up an email account for another email address click in the lower left corner the "+" button, then click Exchange....

In the section Enter your Exchange account information fill in all required data. In Authentication section in Method make sure that User Name and Password is chosen. As a User name type in your e-mail address. Configure automatically has to be marked, then click Add Account.

In the next dialog box mark Always use my response for this server and click Allow.

If Outlook is able to set up your account, you will see the account you set in the left panel of the dialog box. If you need to edit some data, you can edit it now. After editing, you can close the dialog box and start to use MS Outlook.

At first run, it takes a few seconds or minutes to download all emails from the server. Please, be patient.