Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

Microsoft Teams

Post online learning content or lead interactive lessons online. Both teachers and students can use one environment - Microsoft Teams, where they can learn, collaborate and interact with each other online.

We recommend using Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox for the web application to work properly.

We strongly recommend to use installed application on your PC / Mac for better performance. To download MS Teams app, please visit Microsoft corp. website.

Education from anywhere

Educational content and assignments can be published online so students can access it from anywhere. Using Microsoft Teams, students can access educational content, collaborate with other students, communicate with teachers, and submit assignments online. Teachers can evaluate the student's online and provide instant feedback.

Online classes

Teachers can teach online, allowing them to share the presentation or content of a digital (interactive) whiteboard. Teachers and students can interact with each other using Microsoft Whiteboard, communicate via messages, audio, or video call. The lessons can also be recorded so that students can view it later offline.

Live events

Use live online events in Microsoft Teams to run live seminars with hundreds of students. The maximum number of participants is 10,000. Participants can also write their own questions and they can be managed by event moderators.


All tutorials with detailed instructions can be found on Microsoft's website dedicated to MS Teams or visit MS Teams basic video training.

We also recommend the Education section of Microsoft's website -https://education.microsoft.com/en-us, where you will find more information and methodologies on how to use Microsoft Teams in education.