Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

Getting started

This site is dedicated to all new students and new employees at the Faculty of Management Comenius University in Bratislava. You will find basic information on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Faculty of Management and Comenius University.

You will learn the difference between signing up to university or faculty systems and what services are provided for you as a student or as an employee at faculty.

FM CU login

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the services provided by the Faculty of Management (FM CU) and those provided by Comenius University in Bratislava.

FM CU login provides you with:

  • access to computers in computer laboratories (LVT),
  • access to Office 365 online services (email, Office Online, Sharepoint),
  • MS Office Pro Plus license for free,
  • licensing Microsoft software products via ImagineX.

The login details at the Faculty of Management CU are in the form of the name.surname[at]fm.uniba.sk and your password. These login details can be used to log in to Office 365 email as well as to log in to the PC's at the LVT at the FM CU.

When you first log on to the LVT PC, a local user profile will be created, so initial sign-up may take a few minutes. The next time you log in to the same PC, this process is faster. Creating a local profile is done on each PC separately, so we recommend using the same PC throughout the semester for LVT classes.

University login

The login information at Comenius University are usually in the form of a surname and number (e.g. smith65). You will use these login information to logon to university systems - AIS2, Eduroam free WIFI network or library systems.