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Exhibition "Through Foreign Lens: A Semester Abroad"

Exhibition "Through Foreign Lens: A Semester Abroad" - is funded by the Development Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Slovak Republic - Intercultural Communication and Integration at CU, which will also support our other similar activities.

20. 05. 2024 15.11 hod.

We know that students from their Erasmus mobility - study, internships, BIPs abroad, bring beautiful experiences and amazing photos. We asked them to choose one that is precious, special for them or that best describes their stay or the idea of Erasmus.
    Expectations were met with colourful, breath-taking shots of natural scenery, sunsets, mountain peaks, aurora borealis and snow plains
    We were much more surprised and touched by the accompanying texts to the photos, expressing the importance of new friendships, of belonging between young people of different nationalities, the desire to explore the world and enjoy life together. This exhibition is a big contrast to the previous one “Unissued diplomas ". Among the nicest comments on the photos are:
- “The photo is special to me because there are people in it who have made another country my home.”
- “The photo was taken on the very first day of my mobility, which I spent with other Erasmus students at the observation tower. It beautifully captures how many different cultures can form friendships. It was the beginning of something beautiful.”
- “Last day in Rome, everyone cried, we miss Rome!”
- “In this procession through Berlin, we were showing how important it is equality, difference and also the fact that we are the Erasmus generation. Unbelievable experience full of joy, amazing fun.”
- “Erasmus has brought me awesome new experiences and friendships.”
- “Erasmus was one of the most beautiful and eye -opening experiences in my life, which I will surely draw from for the rest of my life.”

The refrain of the song sung at the STARMUS ceremony fits right in:
“That time will come one day you'll see
When we can all be friends”

Someone only needs to look at a collection of photographs to compose music, which is no small thing.
We would be delighted if these images would inspire you to open your windows/doors and to step out into a world that you and your new friends can explore together.


Dear colleagues, dear students,

We would like to inform you about the exhibition "Through Foreign Lens: A Semester Abroad" - which is currently installed at FM UK on the 4th floor in the relaxation area, the exhibition has brightened up with its colors and is a great contrast to the previous one.
We asked students to send us their top Erasmus mobility shot, to choose just one photo that is precious, beautiful or best describes their stay or the idea of Erasmus.

Come, be inspired and travel, or send us your own shot with a comment, we plan to expand this exhibition.