Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava

Organization of the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022 at Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management

In accordance with the guidelines of the Comenius University in Bratislava, the Faculty of Management decided that in the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022 educational activities will be provided in a hybrid mode

28. 09. 2021 16.07 hod.

Only selected seminars / exercises will take place in person
Seminars / exercises from some compulsory, compulsory elective and elective subjects will take place in the simultaneous presence of the teacher and students in the classrooms and lecture halls of the faculty, in compliance with hygienic measures (number of students, capacity of classrooms and lecture halls, disinfection).

Non-participation in teaching for serious reasons (quarantine, etc.) during in class teaching at the faculty will be addressed by the possibility of participating in online teaching
Students who will not be able to attend in class teaching on the faculty premises will have an online broadcast available (from at least one group from each subject). However, due to the remote mode, the teacher may require a substitute performance as a substitute for control activities and activities performed and transmitted directly in class. Students will be informed about the fulfillment of these duties.
Online teaching will be provided by students studying the study program management in English, who cannot attend the faculty due to various obstacles, students of external form of study, as well as students from PraF UK, FMFI UK and FTVŠ UK who study at study programs in which FM UK also participates, due to the ban on mixing groups.

It is not possible to change between study groups
For preventive reasons, it is not possible to change between groups. In previous academic years, this was possible with the "student per student" system - this will not be possible for any student this semester.

Lectures will be created in electronic form (video, audio)
Lectures will generally not be held in person, but in electronic form students will receive a lecture that will include video and / or audio on the topic according to the syllabus.
The student studies the lecture at a time when it suits him/her (of course before the seminar / exercise) and as many times as he/she needs. Make the most of these positive forms of online form.

Each compulsory subject will have an online consultation
In addition to seminars / exercises, online consultations will be planned for the given subjects. At this time, the teacher of the subject will be available online (for example, through the MS Teams application) to answer questions and inconsistencies that students have after studying the online lecture and will be able to answer questions to students who did not attend in class teaching on the faculty premises.
These consultations will be used only for the purpose of consulting questions on the subject, not for consulting, for example, final theses - consultations for final theses will be arranged separately in agreement with the supervisor of final theses.

Greater emphasis will be placed on continuous work during the semester
The teacher will adjust the ratio of the continuous assessment that students can obtain during the teaching weeks of the semester (from September 20, 2021 to December 17, 2021) and the assessment for the exam in the examination period.
For this reason, it is necessary to work continuously during the semester.

Lunch breaks
Due to the need to ensure the necessary hygienic measures, the beginning of teaching is scheduled for 7.20 am. Lunch breaks are extended to 50 minutes and are scheduled at three different times to reduce the number of students in the canteen. Lunch breaks will be at the following times:
from 11,30 til 12,20,
from 12,20 til 13,10,
from 13,10 til 14,00.

Beginnings of lessons in the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022
7:20, 8:10, 9:0, 9:50, 10:40, 11:30, 12:20, 13:10, 14:00, 14:50, 15:40, 16:30, 17:20, 18.10, 19.00, 19.50