Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava

Organization of the winter semester of the academic year 2020/2021

In accordance with the measures of Comenius University in Bratislava and the Faculty of Management, Comenius University to eliminate the spread of COVID-19, we inform students how the winter semester at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University will be organized.

14. 09. 2020 08.52 hod.

Seminars to compulsory courses will be in-class

Seminars to compulsory subjects will take place in the classrooms and lecture halls of the faculty, in compliance with hygienic measures (number of students, disinfection, masks). 


Elective courses will be online

Elective courses will be included in the schedule. At the given time, the student will join the class online (e.g. through the MS Teams app), where the teacher will teach and lead the subject. 


One class is 90 min long

Compared to previous academic years, the duration of seminars has been extended. This is so that the teacher can check how the students understood the study materials for the given week provided by the teacher before the seminar.

However, in the overall time range of lectures and seminars remained the same as in previous academic years. 


Changes between groups/classes are not possible

Changes between groups/classes are not possible because of precautionary measures to protect the students and employees.


Lectures will be in form of videos

Lectures will not be in-class. Students will receive a lecture in electronic form (video and / or audio) on the given topic from the syllabus.

Students are obliged to watch the lecture before the in-class seminar (at a time which suits them and as many times as they wish).


Continuous assessment will have increased weight

The teacher adjusts the ratio of the continuous assessment that students can obtain during the teaching weeks of the semester (from 21 September 2020 to 18 December 2020) and the assessment for the exam in the examination period. For this reason, it is necessary to work continuously during the semester. 


Follow tasks and information from teachers

  • Teachers will continuously inform the students about:
  • the evaluation criteria,
  • the method of teaching (form of lectures, method of their distribution),
  • the tasks for given week,
  • the obtained evaluation for continuous work during the semester,
  • the recommended literature and practical examples,
  • the form and dates of the final exams.


Online consultations are added to compulsory classes

In addition to seminars, online consultations will be planned for the given subject. At this time, the teacher will be available online (for example via the MS Teams app) to answer questions and inconsistencies that students have after watching the online lecture.

These consultations will only be used for the purpose of consulting questions on the subject, not for consulting, for example, final theses - consultations on final theses will be separate. 


Respect office hours and online consultation times

It is recommended to come to the in-class teaching a few minutes earlier so that the teaching process can start properly at the time it is scheduled so that teachers and students are not disturbed by late arrivals of fellow students.

Before online consultations, it is necessary to check technical issues and parameters (connection, headphones, microphone, etc.).

Administrative matters will be resolved mostly online or by telephone. Follow the instructions of individual departments of the faculty. 


The start of classes and lunch breaks are changed

Due to the hygienic measures, the start of classes and lunch breaks are changing. Courses start at 7.20 am. Lunch breaks are extended to 50 minutes and the schedule is scheduled at three different times to reduce the number of students in the dining room. Lunch breaks will be at the following times:

from 11.30 am until 12.20,

from 12.20 until 1.10 pm,

from 13.10 until 2 pm


The beginnings of classes for this semester are as follows:

















We will monitor your satisfaction with the courses

In case the student has a problem, it is necessary to contact the responsible persons:

  • teacher,
  • study advisor,
  • head of department,
  • vice dean for studies,
  • head of study department.

The faculty monitors the satisfaction with the quality of education and all its aspects (study materials - quality, accessibility; teaching; acquired knowledge).


Adherence to hygiene rules is and will be mandatory

Hygienic rules must be followed (not only) at the faculty:

  • wear a protective mask which will cover your nose and mouth,
  • practise social distancing (two meters),
  • use hand disinfectants at the entrance to the faculty building,
  • wash your hands regularly with soap and water during the day,
  • students will use the back entrance to enter the faculty building.


Mass events will be severely restricted / banned

The following academic mass events will not be organized:

•   the grand opening of the academic year

•   matriculation of 1st year bachelor students,

•   graduation.

Some events  (like conferences) will be held online.


Erasmus+ mobilities are in standard mode

Erasmus + mobilities take place in a standard way, in compliance with the required hygiene rules. We will inform you about the calls for international mobiles for the coming academic year.