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President Zuzana Čaputová appointed new university professors

On Tuesday, 26 March 2024, President Zuzana Čaputová made a significant announcement. She appointed new university professors, and among them is our esteemed colleague, Ján Papula, whose appointment is a testament to his exceptional academic prowess and dedication.

02. 04. 2024 12.21 hod.

In her address to the new professors, the President stressed that the academic title of professor implies a commitment. "What should surely unite all of you is the concern that a free and motivating atmosphere prevails in our universities. That they produce professionally proficient graduates ready to pursue their professions. So that we as a society are better able to rise to the challenges and trials that lie ahead in the future, it is your role to contribute to the wisdom of society. And wisdom is not just accumulated knowledge. It is lived knowledge, which includes a strong value base. And it is values-based education that should be the foundation of society."

For more information on the appointments, see the article "President Appoints 39 New University Professors" on the official website: https://www.prezident.sk/article/prezidentka-vymenovala-39-novych-profesorov-vysokych-skol/

Congratulations to Ján Papula from the dean of FM CU

"With pride, joy, sincerest congratulations to Ján Papula on his appointment as a professor.

This achievement is only a natural result of his long-standing commitment and tireless work. Over the years, he has demonstrated his professionalism and erudition in his teaching and scientific research activities.

I am honoured that together we can continue building a faculty without which we cannot even imagine our future."

Prof. Peter Štarchoň, the Dean of FM CU