Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava

Summer school has started at the FM CU

25. 07. 2022 23.32 hod.

In the period 25. 7. - 29. 7. 2022 with the personal participation of students from all over the EU in Bratislava, and from 1. 8. - 5. 8. 2022 in an online environment, organized as part of the new Erasmus module BIP - the so-called Blended Mobility Program, where the combination of at least 3 partner universities creates a short-term project that has an online part and also a physical stay of the participants at the organizing university.

The topic of our summer school is GAME THEORY AS A MARKETING TOOL, the lecturers are Dr. Zvika Winer from Western Galilee College in Israel, and Dr. Lucia Vilčeková from FMCU in Bratislava.

We host 32 students from France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, Israel and Slovakia. In addition to interesting lectures, our gastronomy, a guided tour of Bratislava, joint sittings and discussions will be an additional program for them. Already now, new friendships and unforgettable experiences are being formed.

The students already evaluated the first day of the summer school positively, we hope that we will be able to maintain this standard throughout the week and lay the quality foundations of this new Erasmus module.

Summer school day 1:


Summer school day 2:

In addition to the morning classes, the participants of the summer school took a city tour, on which we all learned a lot of interesting things about Bratislava. The top event of the day was a joint dinner in the "Bratislava Flagship" – restaurant with typical slovak food,

Summer school day 3:

The third day was focused mainly on teamwork at school and free afternoon activities, many of  participants discovered Zlaté piesky as the best place to enjoy the summer atmosphere.

Summer school day 4:

In addition to the morning classes and a small test, snacks in the form of pizza, the program of the fourth day also included a trip to the Red Stone Castle associated with the performance of falconers. The trip was a pleasant diversification of summer school and an unexpected experience for many students.





Summer school day 5:
Last morning of face-to-face classes, last exchanges of contacts and photos, last hugs, last photo session. The closing ceremony of handing over certificates, T-shirts with the faculty logo and other small gifts took place in the Jama park near FM. Beautiful green setting was perfect for the final event and joint frolicking. The final lunch was the highlight of first  week of our summer school.
Students will take also online part during the first week of August and then receive transcripts for the Game Theory as a Marketing tool course. We can already conclude that the first year of Summer School was more than successful.

First feedbacks:
“It was an incredible week: we met adorable people, the courses were interesting and we discovered a beautiful city. Thank you for all of the breakfasts, the dinners and the ice cream. You were so nice to us... I was so sad when we had to go back home.
You can really be proud of this Summer School!
I hope we will meet again in the future.
Best regards from France,