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Erasmus still alive

“Erasmus still alive” – Spring Term 2021

Despite the pandemic situation across the EU, lockdown and online classes, strict measures, mandatory travel quarantines, PCR testing and curfew - Erasmus is alive.

A total of 37 FMCU students traveled abroad for the summer semester 2021 and 6 others extended their stay for both winter and summer term. We are pleased with all the postcards we receive from students, expressing their satisfaction and enthusiasm for the Erasmus stay. All of their mobilities went smooth and problem free.

At the Faculty of management, Comenius university we welcomed 77 Erasmus students for our summer semester and most of them came in person despite online classes. We tried to meet everyone within the pandemic measures. At the end of the semester, we also had a pleasant walk through Bratislava. The atmosphere of the meetings is expressed much better by photos than words. This pandemic has taught us many things. One of them is that young people have a natural desire to live, study, socialize, get to know, discover, travel and love life in spite of hurdles. It is important lesson for all of us and we were happy to support all of the exceptional Erasmus students.

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Welcome Meeting - Group 1


Welcome Meeting - Group 2


Welcome Meeting - Group 3