Faculty of ManagementComenius University in Bratislava


Courses for WINTER Semester for Bachelor and Master Study 2018/2019

Course ECTS Semester Degree
Business Analytics and Decision Making 6 Winter Master
Business Ethics 3 Winter Master
Business Law II 5 Winter Bachelor
Computer Science 5 Winter Bachelor
Corporate Valuation I 3 Winter Master
Databases 5 Winter Bachelor
Differencies Peculiarities of Real World Organisational Systems 3 Winter Bachelor
E-Business and E-Marketing 6 Winter Master
Economics I 5 Winter Bachelor
Economics III 5 Winter Bachelor
English for Managers I 2 Winter Bachelor
English for Managers III 2 Winter Bachelor
E-Service Management 3 Winter Bachelor
European Integration 6 Winter Master
European Law 3 Winter Master
Financial Accounting 6 Winter Master
Financial Management 6 Winter Master
Financial Mathematics 5 Winter Bachelor
German I 2 Winter Bachelor
Informatique pour les manageurs 5 Winter Bachelor
Innovation Management 3 Winter Bachelor
Interkulturelle Kommunikation I 3 Winter Bachelor
International Economic Law 3 Winter Bachelor
International Marketing 6 Winter Master
Introduction to Entrepreneurship 5 Winter Bachelor
Introduction to Management I 5 Winter Bachelor
Introduction to Personnel Management 5 Winter Bachelor
Investment Analysis 6 Winter Master
Japanese I 2 Winter Bachelor
Japanese III 2 Winter Bachelor
Management Information Systems 6 Winter Master
Managerial Economics 3 Winter Bachelor
Management of Start-ups and Small Enterprises 5 Winter Bachelor
Marketing 5 Winter Bachelor
Marketing Analytics 3 Winter Master
Marketing Applications 3 Winter Master
Marketing Management 6 Winter Master
Marketing Research 6 Winter Master
Mathematics I 5 Winter Bachelor
Modeling of Economic Processes 6 Winter Master
Modern Marketing - New Trends 3 Winter Bachelor
Monetary Economics 3 Winter Master
Money and Banking 3 Winter Bachelor
Organizational Behavior 6 Winter Master
Organizational Cultures 3 Winter Bachelor
Practical Financial Markets I 6 Winter Master
Principles of Financial Accounting II 5 Winter Bachelor
Programming in Wolfram Mathematica I 3 Winter Bachelor
Project Management – A Managerial Approach 6 Winter Master
Research Methods 3 Winter Bachelor
Research Methods in IT 3 Winter Master
Risk Management I 3 Winter Master
Russian I 2 Winter Bachelor
Skills for Success - From University to Workplace 3 Winter Master
Solving Business Problems with Wolfram Mathematica I 3 Winter Master
Statistics 5 Winter Bachelor
Strategic Management 6 Winter Master
Sustainable Energy Economics 3 Winter Master
Systèmes informatiques et logiciel appliqué 5 Winter Bachelor
Value Based Management and Entrepreneurial Risks at SME`s 6 Winter Master