Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava


Spring COURSES start at February 2022

Name of Course Code of Course ECTS Degree
Controlling FM.KSP/001AB/16 5 Bachelor
Corporate Valuation IIFM.KEF/300AM/163Master
Data Analysis for Management FM.KIS/372AB/21 3 Bachelor
Development of Entrepreneurial Thinking FM.KSP/065AB/18 3 Bachelor
English for managers II FM.KIS/007AB/16 2 Bachelor
Enterpreneurship in France (FL) FM.KSP/072B/21 3 Bachelor
Ethical and Legal Aspects of Marketing FM.KMk/105AB/16 5 Bachelor
European Integration  FM.KEF/265AJM/12 6 Master
French Business Law (FL) FM.KMM/176B/21 5 Bachelor
Information Systems and Application Software FM.KIS/014AB/16 5 Bachelor
International Economic Relations FM.KEF/245AB/16 5 Bachelor
International Marketing FM.KMk/031AM/16 6 Master
Introduction to Financial Management FM.KEF/134AB/16 5 Bachelor
Knowledge Management FM.KIS/080AM/21 6 Master
Macroeconomics FM.KEF/272AB/21 5 Bachelor
Management II FM.KMn/076AB/21 5 Bachelor
Management in Europe in the Context of Globalization (FL) FM.KMM/181B/21 3 Bachelor
Management Information Systems FM.KIS/273AM/21 7 Master
Managerial Accounting FM.KEF/058AM/21 6 Master
Managerial Decision-Making FM.KSP/009AM/16 6 Master
Managerial Ethics FM.KMn/015AB/16 3 Bachelor
Marketing FM.KMk/100AB/16 5 Bachelor
Marketing analytics FM.KMk/027AM/16 3 Master
Marketing research FM.KMk/028AM/16 6 Master
Mathematics II FM.KKM/072AB/21 5 Bachelor
Modeling of Economic Processes  FM.KKM/279AM/21 7 Master
Modern Marketing - New Trends FM.KMk/082AB/21 5 Bachelor
Monetary Policy KEF.FM/307AM/18 3 Master
New Venture Strategy and Financing FM.KSP/063AM/17 6 Master
Operations Management and Logistics FM.KSP/022AB/16 5 Bachelor
Organization Cultures - European Features FM.KMn/038M/00  6 Master
Personnel Management FM.KMn/077AB/21  5 Bachelor
Principles of Financial Accounting I FM.KEF/220AB/16 5 Bachelor
Project management - Foundation FM.KIS/051AB/16 5 Bachelor
Social Entrepreneurship FM.KSP/067AB/18 3 Bachelor
Special Topics in IT Projects FM.KIS/307AB/16 3 Bachelor
Statistical Methods FM.KIS/115AB/16 5 Bachelor
System Analysis in Management FM.KIS/070MA/21 6 Master
Taxation FM.KEF/014AM/16 3 Master