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Erasmus Program is also for teachers and staff exchanges

January 2023

Dr. Alina Beatrice Raileanu
Dr. Alina Beatrice Raileanu
Benazir Ozturk
Benazir Ozturk

January 2023
In this week of January, we are hosting colleagues from Romania and Turkey as part of incoming Erasmus mobilities.

A valuable visit at the Department of Marketing is the Vice-Rector Dr. Alina Beatrice Raileanu from Danubius University Galati from Romania, who is attending a rich program organized by Prof. Dagmar Cagáňová.

Benazir Ozturk from the management department at Ardahan University in Turkey exchanged practical experience with colleagues of the foreign department at FM UK.

Currently, an additional call is still open with a deadline of 31.01.2023 for teacher mobility for the summer semester 2023, colleagues please take advantage of it and apply: Application Form

November a december 2022

During November and December 2022, we sent many colleagues to the Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal as part of Erasmus mobility.

An additional call is currently open with a deadline of 31.01.2023 for teacher‘s mobility for the summer semester 2023 :


At the same time, we welcomed colleagues from partner universities from Turkey, France, Poland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Arif Cem Topuz with family – from Ardahan University - Faculty of Computer Engineering, Turkey

Visit from Poland and Portugal

Mariia Kravets from WSIZ University Ryesyow, Poland

Manuela Larguinho and Paula Neves from Coimbra Business School, Portugal

Visit from Czech Republic and Poland

Monika Zahradníková and Hana Boubalová - Jihočeská university in České Budejovice, CZ

Khrystyna Dibolo – Krakow University, Poland


October 2022

During October 2022, as part of Erasmus mobilities, we sent colleagues on teacher and employee mobilities to the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.

You can still follow the current offer of organized staff weeks at the following link:  http://staffmobility.eu/staff-week-search Get inspired and travel!


At the same time, we welcomed three colleagues from Atinbas University of Istanbul from Turkey, namely:

Berna Dibo - vice-rector's manager, Cansa Yildiz - chairman of the Board and Yasin Karademira - economic manager.


September 2022

In September, as part of the incoming Erasmus mobilities, we will welcome visitors from Turkey and Italy. For our teachers, the beginning of September is also the deadline for submitting applications for Erasmus teacher mobilities.
Metehan KARAKURT from University Kafkas in Turkey was the first to visit us, he came from Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

August 2022

Also in the middle of the hot summer, as part of Erasmus, we welcomed employee mobility from Istanbul - Altınbaş University from the Department of Health, Culture and Sport Events, Ms. Kübra Yazkan. Dr. Hrček from our faculty FM  took her to the faculty tour, and he also accompanied her around Bratislava. They found common topics in the field of sports management.  

Dr. Hrček has just returned from one mobility in Split from which we are waiting for a report and is just about to travel to Novi Sad. In this context, we would like to focus your attention to the open call for applications for teaching and employee moilities with end of August deadline.

June 2022

During June, we will send in frame of Erasmus our colleagues to Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Portugal. You can always find the current offer of organized staff weeks at the following link: http://staffmobility.eu/staff-week-search

So far, we have welcomed mobility from Spain, Latvia and France.

Mr. Guillermo Mendizabal

Mr. Guillermo Mendizabal - Professor from Universidad De Valladolid, Department of Economics Education - Valladolid, Spain.

He teaches Business Economics IT students at his institutions and was willing to sing agreement also with Faculty of Math and Physics and cooperate in future on many others common projects as BIP /new form of Erasmus project/.

By his own words:
I have the opportunity to interact with Prof. Paulina Mihalova and Prof. Darina Saxunova in issues related to teaching and, also, to future exchange opportunities for lecturers. I also spend some time in your Library. I found a couple of good references for my teaching in Spain.
I was not able to meet anyone from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. No problem. I have an excuse to come again to Bratislava

Mr. Emil Velinov

Mr. Emil Velinov - Associate Professor from RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, Department of Marketing and Management - Riga, Latvia.

He teaches also for Skoda Auto University and wants to organize BIP cooperation next year also with us.


Mr. Jerome Hubler

Mr. Jerome Hubler - Associate Professor z University of Lorraine, CEU - Nancy, France.

Jerome Hubler, profesor na Univerzite v Lorraine, pricestoval, aby odprezentoval kurz finančnej analýzy od 13. do 16. júna. Fakulta manažmentu spolupracuje s univerzitou Lorraine už viac ako 15 rokov a francúzsky hovoriaci študenti majú možnosť absolvovať kurz, ktorý im okrem diplomu z Univerzity Komenského umožňuje získať magisterský titul akreditovaný vo Francúzsku.

Erasmus Mobilities May 2022

In the last days of May 23.05 -31.05. 2022, we welcomed 11 Incoming staff mobilities from Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey as part of the Erasmus Programme at FM CU.

Spain was represented by colleagues from the University of the Basque Country from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Bilbao, which is our newly contracted institution within Erasmus and also our partner in the ENLIGHT Programme, more info. on courses under this Programme here:


Mrs. Dimitrina Kamenová

Mrs. Dimitrina Kamenova - Professor from Varna University of Management, Department of Modern Education - Varna, Bulgaria

By her own words:

“Bratislava - the mirror in which you see who you are and what you want to be. I arrived at 7 am on May 23, 2022 in Mlynské Nivy to start my Erasmus + mobility at the Faculty of Management of Jan Comenius University in Bratislava. Two young men were cleaning the metal hardware of the large columns in the beautiful, huge building so early, even though it was amazingly clean. I approached. It was fantastic because I saw myself after such a long time, inscribed in the global picture of the spectacular building, designed to travel around the world! I felt like a man, a teacher and a scientist, belonging to the world! The city of Devin, the historical sights, the Old Town, the museums and the architectural masterpieces of Bratislava in a brilliant combination with modern construction, cleanliness and metropolitan order really make you feel like a modern person.

I am happy that through the University of Bratislava I returned to the work of Jan Comenius to realize how many more lessons we have to learn from his Great Didactics!

My colleagues and students from the Faculty of Management confirmed this experience in our meetings, in the exchange of experience and the exchange of gifts. Smiling, dedicated to knowledge, ready to cooperate, they turn work into pleasure - one of the modern trends in management, which makes them leaders in the workplace! My Slovak colleagues and students have revealed to me what I want to be after my meetings with them - even more persistent, striving for professionalism in my work with my students and dedicated to my research interests in global management! I am impressed by your Turkish trainee Mr. Ilayda Sarigul’s intelligence, the warmth in the attitude towards us, the playfulness of the emotions! Her radiance is life! I do not know what her name means, but if I have to choose a metaphor, it is joyful. I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart for the strength they gave me to move forward!“

2 mobilities from Burdur University, Burdur – Turkey

Mrs. Gonca Kaya from Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Rectorate Department - Burdur, Turkey

Mr. Serdar Sonmez from Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Student Affairs Office - Burdur, Turkey

Ms. Hanife Gül Bozkurt

Ms. Hanife Gül Bozkurt from Aydin Adnan Menderes University, Library and Documentation Department - Aydin, Turkey

Ms. Ayse Adin

Ms. Ayse Adin from Siirt University, Rectorate Department - Siirt, Turkey

Mr. Omur Kizilkan

Mr. Omur Kizilkan from Siirt University, Department of Strategy - Siirt, Turkey 

Mr. Sungur Gurel

Mr. Sungur Gurel – Associate Professor, International Relations Coordinator from

Siirt University, Faculty of Teaching - Siirt, Turkey

His topic is Quasi-experimental Methods in Economics.

Mr. Erhan Akin

Mr. Erhan Akin - Associate Professor, Fairy Tale Writer from Siirt University, Faculty of Teaching - Siirt, Turkey


2 mobilities from University of Basque Country, Department of Economics - Leioa, Spain – ENLIGHT partner

Mr. Andoni Kortazar - Professor,
University of Basque Country, Department of Economics - Leioa, Spain

Mr. David Hoyos - Associate Professor,
University of Basque Country, Department of Economics - Leioa, Spain



Mr. Yakup Akdeniz

Mr. Yakup Akdeniz from Ordu University, Faculty of Science and Literature - Ordu, Turkey



Mr. Mahir Ozhan

3rd week of May 2022  / 16-20.05.2022

The third week of May 16-20.05.2022 was marked by Incoming mobilities from Turkey - namely Istanbul, Siirt, Giresun and Cyprus's Paphos.

Mr. Mahir Ozhan - Associate Professor from

Siirt University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences - Siirt, Turkey

His topic is management strategies.

By his own words:

“It was a pleasure to be at the FM CU. Your faculty is modern and location close to other European countries. I will encoure to my students and staff to be participate Erasmus+ here. Special thanks to Ms. Erika Cernekova, Ms. Lucia Vilcekova and Ms. Ilayda Sarigul for that unforgettable experience. “


Mr. Kostas Giannopoulos

Mr. Kostas Giannopoulos - Professor from

Neapolis University Pafos, School of Economics, Administration and Computer Science - Paphos, Cyprus

His topics are market risk management & financial time series.

Ms. Xheni Simaku

Ms. Xheni Simaku – Assistant professor from

Haliç University, Department of Public Relations and Publicity - Istanbul, Turkey

Her topics is comparative media system.

By her own words:

“Bratislava is such a nice, quiet, and traffic-free city, compared to Istanbul.  In front of the university, you can find a huge hockey stadium, and a small bar next to it which sells just coffee and beer, while I was taking my morning coffee, a customer bought a beer, and guess who was the one who paid more between us?. “

Mrs. Esra Gökçen Kaygısız

Mrs. Esra Gökçen Kaygısız - Professor from

Giresun University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences - Giresun, Turkey

By her own words:

“It was a wonderful experience for me meeting with Ilayda , Erika and Comenius University. Bratislava is a very silent and respectful city so I liked it much.“

Assoc. Prof. Copuš

In May, doc. Copuš from the Department of Management experienced the training via the Erasmus programme in Dublin, Ireland. He attended the language-cultural course for teachers teaching in English, focusing on Irish culture. He studied with teachers from Estonia, Spain, Belgium, and Italy. Several learning activities were also carried out outside the school building, for example, in the National Gallery or the EPIC Museum focused on migration. In June, doc. Copuš will participate in mobility training in Croatia to develop students' critical thinking during lectures and in August in Finland, focusing on the online teaching methods used in this country.


Mrs. Hanna Górska-Warsewicz a Mr. Debski

The second week of May 09-13.05. was carried on FM, among other things, in the spirit of many Incoming mobilies, the first being colleagues from Poland Hanna Górska-Warsewicz and Mr. Debski.

University of Social Sciences, Faculty of Management - Lodz, Poland

Mrs. Hanna Górska-Warsewicz - Associate professor from

University of Social Sciences, Faculty of Management – Lodz, Poland

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Hospitality and Tourism Management.


By her own words:

“It was an honor for me to be at Comenius University in the Faculty of Management. I paid attention to the research being conducted within the broad structure of the department which includes 7 chairs. I was curious to read the journals published by the faculty in the field of management and marketing.

Bratislava is a beautiful city and its development is evident year by year, which also highlights its historical heritage. I hope that I will be able to come back to the university again, maybe for one of the conferences or for collaborative research. “

Mr. Maciej Dębski - Managing Director of the Campus in Warsaw from University of Social Sciences, Faculty of Management - Lodz, Poland

By his own words: “Thanks a lot for everything. It was ok, and I must add that Ms. Ilayda Sarigul is very nice and open person. “

Mr. Robert Pyka

Mr. Robert Pyka – Professor from University of Silesia in Katowice – Katowice, Poland

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Social-historical Backgrounds European state`s territorial structures & management of metropolitan areas.

Dr. Vincent Fromentin

Mr. Vincent Fromentin - Assistant Professor from

University of Lorraine, CEU – Nancy, France

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Investment Strategy.

4 mobilities from: Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University – Burdur, Turkey

Mr. Huseyin Dalgar – Professor from Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Business Administration Department – Burdur, Turkey

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Financial statement analysis methods.

Mr. Ismail Celik

Mr. Ismail Celik - Associate Professor from

Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Business Administration Department – Burdur, Turkey

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Introduction to time series analysis

Mr. Omer Teksen

Mr. Omer Teksen - Associate Professor from Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University – Burdur, Turkey

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Turkish accounting applications and financial tables.

Mr. Cihan Cengiz

Mr. Cihan Cengiz from Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Strategy Development Department – Burdur, Turkey

for Staff Mobility Training.

Ms. Sylvie Kotikova

Associate Professor from Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Faculty of Social and Economics Studies – Labem, Czechia

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Multinational companies and their foreign direct investment.

Sylvie Blaschke Kotíková by her own words:

I spent one week in May in Bratislava. From my Department of Economics and Management of the Faculty of Social and Economic Studies at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in north Bohemia, it is quite a long way. It was my first stay in Bratislava. The first impression is important. And now, after a few days in Blava, I have to say, that I am looking forward to the next opportunity to visit Comenius University Bratislava again. I have always said that people make an impression. I enjoy the time with colleagues from the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University Bratislava. Great communication with your International office, interesting talk with the head of the Department of Marketing and with dr. František Olšavský. I had the opportunity to have a lecture on his subject about International trade, multinational companies and foreign direct investment. I was so surprised by how I enjoyed the lecture with the students, how open were with the discussion and they showed me how well educated are in my subject – International trade. I hope, to see you soon, Comenius University Bratislava…and taste the Bratislava rolls too

Mr. Juan Carlos Roca Pulido

Mr. Juan Carlos Roca Pulido - from University of Huelva, Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism – Huelva, Spain

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Visual Basic for Applications


Ms. Céline Blondeau

Ms. Céline Blondeau - Director of the Nantes campus, Internationalisation specialist, Associate Professor in Insurance and Finance from

Catholic University of the West UCO Angers, Faculty of Business and Management – Rezé, France

Gave presentation to our students in topic: Long term corporate financing.

By her own words:

Back in Bratislava for teaching for the Master students, for a lecture about how to finance investments. A good way to promote sustainable finance, ESG criteria, and socially responsible investing (SRI)

For the last 16 years, I have been teaching every year at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava with great pleasure in the French-speaking section. A good way to contribute to the Francophonie.

I have now had good a very good relationship for such a long time, and I am happy to meet people again.

During the last 2 years, my lectures were only online; this year, it was hybrid : online and face to face. Challenges to wake up and to check how the course is understood and assimilated, making videos to present other financial markets (Taiwan, Prague, Brussels, Frankfurt, Milano..): so many ways to develop the soft skills, knowledge in French and in Finance.

So impressed by the changes since my first visit in 2006, in the city, the University, and in the way of teaching. I still have in mind my first visit in February 2006, and please to see that the Dean and I are still there, even if were are a bit older



DENİZ ÜNAL ADIGÜZEL – a few years ago she completed her master's degree in FM CU as an international full-time student, she is currently working at Pamukkale University in Turkey.

This week she hosted us in the frame Erasmus STA mobility, she gave a lecture on Consumer Behaviour Theories, Cuteness Marketing.

Touching was the meeting after years with her favourite teacher Prof. Peter Štarchoň.

Said by her words:

"This is my 3rd visit to Bratislava and every time I leave very happy. I would like to thank all the friends at Comenius University for their close attention and nice welcome. Dear Erika, Dear Teacher Starchon and İlayda, I hope our paths cross again soon. Stay with love..."



Mr. Recep Tekeli

Mr. Recep Tekeli from Adnan Menderes University - Aydin, Turkey

Is a Professor of Public Finance at Department of Public Finance at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Aydin Adnan Menderes.
He teaches Public Budgeting and Budget Policy, Mathematics for Economist at the graduate level. Also, Intergovernmental relations at the graduate level.
His research areas involve issues in local government finance, public economics and budget policy.
He  gained from  visit to Faculty of Management at the university of Comenius. Enjoyed to teach the topics of Mathematics for Economics which he teaches first year students at the Department of Public Finance in Turkey.
By his own words:
“During my visit first thing that took my attention was the wash basin in the classroom. Lecturers wash off the hands after using the board. Students drink tap water. Well, I think it was quite remarkable thing that I will never forget
The staff was very friendly and helpful through my visit.
Special thanks go to Erika Cernekova for everything she did.”


Erasmus mobilities April 2022

During April 2022 we welcome in frame of Erasmus mobilities four honorable visitors from our partner universities, in particular: Mr. Mangirdas Morkūnas from Vilnius University - Lithuania, Ms. Emel Yarimoglu from Yasar University - Turkey, Ms. Cláudia Afonso and Mr. Tiago Pedrosa from Polytechnic Institute of Braganca – Portugal.

Mr. Mangirdas Morkūnas

Mr. Mangirdas Morkūnas - Doctor of Business Administration from

Vilnius University - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration gave presentation to our students in topic: Sales Promotion and Point of Purchase Communication. He rated our students as very bright, Bratislava as a beautifully blossomed city full of nice people and prized a pleasant atmosphere on our faculty and organization of our International Office, which we highly appreciate.

Said by his words:

"Bratislava appear to me as a city of very kind and polite people, who are not jostling even in a public transportation. A modern approach here diffuses with respect to the tradition creating a unique and very welcoming relaxing atmosphere. Beer here costs cheaper then coffee and Slovaks do not eat fresh vegetables as a side dish :)”



Emel Yarimoglu

Emel Yarimoglu

from Yasar University in Izmir- Faculty of Business, Turkey,

is an associate professor of Marketing. She teaches several courses of marketing such as services marketing, retailing management, marketing research, international marketing, brand management and so on. She has many publications in SSCI and Scopus indexed top tier journals.

Emel gave presentation to our students in topic: Creating Marketing Strategy and Building Customer Relationship. She was interesting in our Summer School which we plan to organize in summer a would like to be part of any BIP Erasmus project /more about BIP in next texts/ in future. She would like to find more options to cooperate with us under support of NSP grant.



Claudia Afonso a Tiago Pedrosa


Claudia Afonso has a Law degree from University of Coimbra and a Master´s degree in Tax Law from University of Minho. She is the legal advisor and data protection officer at Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. She has coordinated the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation in IPB and support´s the Cybersecurity Competence Centre in legal advisoring, research and intellectual property aspects.

Tiago Pedrosa is a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Minho, Aveiro and Porto, and a Bachelor in informatics engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. He is adjunct professor, researcher and consultant in the field of cybersecurity and information security at the informatics and communications department of School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança.

He is also Chief Information Security Officer, Coordinator of the Cybersecurity Competence Centre, Coordinator of the Computer Security Incident Response Team, Director of the Short Cycle Course in Cybersecurity and integrated member at Research Centre in Digitalization and Intelligent Robotics (CeDRI). He develops research in the area of applied cybersecurity and information security, integrates projects, makes technology transfer and consultancy. He has several published scientific works, he supervises several masters, bachelor and internships.

They were at several meetings related with current and future projects on cybersecurity, data protection and cybercrime.

During the days of the visit, a class of Polytechnic Institute of Bragança's Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) in Cybersecurity toke place in Comenius University in Bratislava and was streamed for all the other remote students enrolled on the BIP. This is a subject offered by the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, together with Comenius University in Bratislava and the University of Léon in Spain, with students from several countries. The subject works in remotely classes, with tasks and projects, and complemented with an intensive week in Portugal in the end of the semester.

BIP- Blended Intensive Programme

a new and more flexible mobility format combining physical mobility with a virtual part

Basic rules:

  • min. 3 HEIs from the three programme countries
  • physical mobility min.5 to 30 days, mandatory virtual element
  • min. number of mobility learners 15
  • participants from third countries not associated with the Programme shall not be included in this number, as are the domestic participants and
  • the BIP allowance is intended for the organisation of the BIP
  • mobility participants receive a grant from their broadcasts. schools with rates for short-term mobility
  • domestic participants are not eligible for a grant