Faculty of ManagementComenius University Bratislava

Workshop "Fresque"

„Climate Fresk“ Together against Global Warming

The 3rd year students of the French international management program and the Erasmus students had the opportunity to participate in a "Climate Fresk" workshop on the theme of sustainable development. This interactive exercise was led by Louis Goulaieff, a consultant in sustainable development in the French consulting firm Mazars.

This scientific workshop based on 42 maps from the IPCC reports allows to raise awareness on climate change in a playful and collaborative way.
Understanding the issues leads to action and acceptance of change.
Faced with the climate emergency, everyone must be trained in the scientific basis of the climate in order to understand the situation, disseminate information, form an opinion, act quickly and collectively accept the changes to be made.
The Climate Fresk aims to reach people around the world and now we can count on students to be ambassadors for action in the face of the climate emergency!