Research projects and cooperation

COST Action IS1304 Expert Judgment Network: Bridging the gap between scientific uncertainty and evidence-based decision making
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COST Action IC1305 Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (NESUS)
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50+ Entrepreneurship Platform Europe
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č.: MVZP/2016/40
International Conference

Project Visegrad Fund - No. 11610547
Support for e-business in V4 countries
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Project GUESSS -Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students‘ Survey
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<output>Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students‘ Survey</output>

Project AMSAFT - Grant Nadácie VÚB  č. 2015-3-02/5
Rozvoj a aplikácia metód stochastickej analýzy finančných trhov na reálne problémy hospodárskej praxe (AMSAFT)
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Project SUPER 
ERASMUS+ 2015-1-SK01-KA203-008915

Start-Up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience
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ERASMUS+ 2015-1-ES01-KA202-015614
Open Educational Resources for Arts & Crafts
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Project INKLUPOD - APVV-14-0647
Development of inclusive entrepreneurship of selected disadvantaged groups in Slovakia: a pragmatic approach (INCLUENT)
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International project Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
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Governance and adaptation to innovative modes of higher education provision (GAIHE)
Lifelong Learning Programme, European Commission
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Partnership with the Institute for Financial Research and Analyses (IFRA)

The Institute of Research and Financial Analysis is a science-research unit affiliated with University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, focused on the development and promotion of knowledge about finance and its transfer to practice. The scope of activities of the Institute includes scientific research in the field of broadly understood finance and publishing their results in the country and abroad. Its goal is to stimulate the exchange of ideas, opinions and thoughts in this area through the organization of conferences, scientific seminars, and the adoption of educational programs aimed at increasing knowledge of financial phenomena.

Two departments of the Faculty of Management - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Department of Economics and Finance, established a partnership with the IFRA in the field of research and cooperation on international research and mobility projects.

IFRA website with an information about partners.